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  1. To rectify the loose whammy problem, I wrap the threads with Teflon tape. I keep it in my case and re-wrap it frequently. Works like a charm!
  2. I upgraded from a Jagmaster to a Jaguar Classic Player HH last year and have been extremely pleased with the guitar. I don't really use all of the switching, but for my style of playing I really needed the tremolo. It has never given me any problems. I also appreciate the versatility of the humbuckers (as compared to a Jazzmaster with single coils). If I were to make the purchase today, I'd seriously consider getting a Blacktop instead because of the simpler switching. I play a lot of surf and classic rock. If you are interested in hearing my guitar and seeing me play, I have a video here.
  3. I've been playing a Jag HH since last spring and have had zero problems with tuning or action. It was purchased new. I haven't modified the bridge. I use teflon tape to keep the tremolo arm snug (I do not like the lose threads). The pickups are perfect for my rig. I've spent quite a bit of time creating my signature tone, which is mostly clean with a bit of reverb and compression (I mostly play surf rock). I use the bridge pickup 99% of the time and rarely mess with the tone dials. To be honest, a Jazzmaster Blacktop may have been a more suitable guitar for my style of playing. I agree that
  4. 1971 or '72... I saw the cover of T Rex's "Electric Warrior" and that's all she wrote.
  5. I played both my Jaguar HH and Jagmaster at a gig last weekend. The Jagmaster is noticeably lighter, but the Jaguar will sustain for what seems like forever. Now I use the Jagmaster as my backup guitar.
  6. This is the technique I use. You will need to re-apply the PTFE tape quite often if you remove the trem arm frequently (I remove mine when putting it in the case).
  7. The pickups are stock. FWIW, I run my guitars through a POD XT that is plugged into a Tech 21 Power Station 60. I use mostly VOX AC 30 tone samples with a different blend of distortion stomp boxes. I don't use any delay, but do use plenty of reverb.
  8. +100Its the weak link aesthetically, sounds good though. The HH sounds awesome. I really enjoyed that, timeless tunes and image, gonna add it to my favorites. Be sure to upload some more in the future Thank you for the kind words! This weekend I will be working on adding more videos from this gig.
  9. Thanks for noticing! Now if only we can get Mike to get rid of his Les Paul! Thanks for the info!
  10. I guess they make them both ways. Mine's definitely an HH and it came with the stock trem.
  11. I loved the way the guitar played. It seemed to want to take me places my previous guitar (Jagmaster) refused to go. I did drive the high E string off the saddle once, but hey, I can do that with nearly any guitar. This is a very versatile instrument that works for surf, punk, and indie rock. Even metal if you have the right amp rig.
  12. Last Saturday night, my band The Dirt Surfers played a full set at a a local club. This is our opening medley: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CheYnydsbuU
  13. Thanks Blackmonkey and Robbmonster! As good as the Jagmaster tone is, the Jaguar HH is even better. I'll post another video after our next gig.
  14. Back around 2001, I purchased a black Jagmaster. At the time, I was comparing it to a single-coil Jaguar. I actually preferred the tone of the Jagmaster (and the lower price). For years, the Jagmaster has been my main axe. I've recorded tons of tunes with it (http://www.hitsession.com) and played quite a few gigs with it. The guitar never let me down. For a recent birthday, I purchased a new sunburst Jaguar HH (with tremolo). There isn't much difference in the playability of the two guitars, but the HH has a much richer tone. It's very easy to push the HH into some cool sustain/feedback noise
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