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  1. I also own a Telecaster and I've modified that extensively, that's the guitar on which I've built up my own sound. With my Jagstang I feel that, if I'm going to own an instrument centred around the musical identity of Kurt Cobain, I might as well try and make it sound like that, rather than just leaving it as a gorgeous shell housing inferior pickups.
  2. For longer than I can recall I've been an obsessive fan of Cobain's music and the way he set up, modified and played his guitars. Finally last year my dream of owning a Jagstang came true and I was able to purchase one on eBay. Now I'm looking to tweak it to the same-ish specs as Kurt's original prototype, but on a budget. I know I can't pick up an H-3 for the bridge so I'm looking to get a DiMarzio DP158 for the approximate sound. Purchasing a Fender Texas Special is currently out of the question as mod money is getting a little tight, so can anyone tell me which pickups I should be looking
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