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  1. Michael Yonkers has to rank among American rocks most intriguing eccentrics. His adolescent obsession with garage and surf eventually developed into a fascination with gadgetry that would inform his bands dynamic brand of rock primitivism but also indirectly cause him years of health problems. Recording with his own modified guitar (a sawed-down Telecaster he still plays today) and homemade effects, Yonkers released five little-heard albums on his own label in the mid 1970s. But then in 1971, he broke his back in an accident at the electronics factory where he worked; years of surgery and an a
  2. The coil spring is the spring of the vibrato, or there's more springs underneath the plate?
  3. In my opinion a good low wattage amp can do that job as good if not better without extra bucks, extra size and extra weight. A JMI 30 or a Vox AC30 to play at home is like buying a Formula 1 to drive at 40mph. Even a Conford Harlequin (a must have in every studio) can sound 1000 better in that environment. But hey, just my opinion....
  4. Hey, mine don't look like that at all, it's too low!. I tried to tighten the screws, but they are already tightened. Now I have no time, but tomorrow I'm gonna pull it off and see what's going on down there....
  5. If you are going to use it just for home and recordings, I think that the Twin is a bit too loud. A Deluxe Reverb is perfect for that environment, even the reissue is really good. But if you like all those English bands, i think that maybe you should try also some good Class A low watt combos, such as Vox AC15 (Beatles, Smiths or the Jam, often used the AC 30, but it's too loud to use at home!), Laney VC15, even the Marshall Bluesbreaker.
  6. Yes, that's what I was suspecting. But I don't dare doing it, so I put a small piece of tape around the string to avoid the scratching (I think it does not affect the sound at all) and after the gig I will take the guitar to someone who knows what he does better than me.... Thanks!
  7. Haha! It's OK, you don't have to like them . I specially like Pet Sounds, it's a masterpiece, and Smile. Brian Wilson is a genius in my book. Anyway, I was trying to mention different people that wasn't on the threat yet, but there's a lot of them. For example, The Birthday Party's guitarplayer Rowland S. Howard. Probably the opposite to the Beach Boys in terms of feeling, but I like them too:
  8. Carl Wilson (Beach Boys) and his white Jaguar in the early days: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUXixF7L3bM Luther Perkins (Johnny Cash guitarplayer) is one of my favorite players, and he often used Jags and Jazzs:
  9. Thanks for your answer You mean the whole bridge, the 6 saddles one by one, or just the low E saddle? I'm worried about setting the action too high, would I need to adjust the truss rod again? Never done it and I don't want so sent it to a luthier, I have a gig in 3 days! So there's no way to adjust the tailpiece? Here's a couple of pictures so you can see my setup:
  10. Nice jag! I love matching headstocks and covered humbuckers.
  11. Hi friends, this is my first post here, I'm Anibal from Spain, proud owner of an American Vintage '62 Jaguar. Firstly I want to congratulate you guys for such a great forum, I've been a while reading the threads and watching the nice guitars in there Secondly I would like to apologize if my english is not good enough. I love the sound of my guitar and I have no particular issues with the bridge, I use the stock one (with 11 strings) and I have no problem with the adjustment. But the tremolo-tailpiece system confuses me a lot. The way it's adjusted now, the tailpiece is a bit low and I have
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