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  1. After my planet waves strap broke the other day (piece of ####) im looking for a new one and like the looks of the dimarzio cliplock and was wonderinf if anyone has used them and what they are like
  2. cheers guys Iv been looking at the buzz stops. Has anyone used them? Do they lead to more string breakages as they look like they could do?
  3. hello Fran Yeah it sure is a Black Flag tattoo. One of the best bands ever in my eyes! Cheers for the options, i think that perhaps getting a new saddle and try to deepen it a bit better. I dont like the sound of increasing prices!!! They make me nervous haha Would it be worth using smaller guage strings perhaps?
  4. Hello all, Im Dan an im from the South west of England and i play a Fender Jaguar re-issue. I love the feel ans shape of this guitar but i have had one MAJOR problem which i havent found a solution for in the 5 years iv had it.....THE BRIDGE!! Firstly the orginal buzzed constantly then the little grub screws kept coming loose causing all sorts of problem and hand injuries so i got a tune-o-matic type bridge which i prefer and enjoy using alot more. HOWEVER.... The low E string doesnt sit well in the saddle grove and without fail jups out whilst playing live as the bandd i play in are relitivly heavy and energetic. Iv tried filing the slot a bit deeper but didnt make much difference. I use ernie ball regular gauge strings aswell. Can anyone recommend me a decent TOM bridge that will keep the strings in place!! Cheers guys Dan
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