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  1. like all great guitars its way out of my price range :/
  2. It's a great demo vid since it reminds you of a Bass and they highlight that it's meant to be a bass sounding one.
  3. I have a 1996 Fender "Black Label" MIM Stratocaster. After lovingly playing it for the past two years I've decided it might be time for an upgrade as the strings after two or three songs tend to loosen a hair below the correct tuning for each string. I was wondering what everyones thoughts might be on good upgrades from the stock tuners. I mainly play blues rock for all intents and purposes and my major influences are hendrix, frusciante, clapton, zappa, young, and cobain. Hopefully you guys will have better insight then me on what are some great tuners!
  4. Frank Zappa repped them.... None of the above clips are my own material....I do not take any credit or own the rights to the playing or styles of each player.
  5. Frank Zappa repped them.... None of the above clips are my own material....I do not take any credit or own the rights to the playing or styles of each player.
  6. Hey all! Been a good long while but finally I am back! Recently (as of this morning) my new pig nose amplifier arrived and boy does it not disappoint in the slightest! 7-100 roars for an amp of its size and will most definitely be purchasing another of their products very soon! Is anybody else a fan of these magnificent amps or what?
  7. i'd rather make a custom warmoth for 1000 and save 300 dollars
  8. same here I was ready and willing to gather the cash for it but I'm not about to drop that much money for something which isn't an american made guitar (for 200 bucks more you can get a deluxe stratocaster USA)
  9. From what I can remember they weren't heavy at all.
  10. yeah i played the most expensive model which is about 1000 dollars i think versus the 700. The store had both and personally I didn't feel or hear to much of a difference to warrant the extra 300 dollars.
  11. i might get it if the price is not absurd from a deal at guitar center/an internet music site I think that's a start neck and it makes it all the more cool
  12. My local music store carries them and some are gems others not. The one you are looking into in my opinion is a gem that sounds great even through a crappy amp at the store!
  13. As the title implies (in case this hasn't been done already) - anybody got a new guitar recently? This past weekend I got a no name semi-hollow electric from the sixties and it sounds beautiful! will post pic's soon
  14. Doug to the rescue! Haha thanks 2 out of my 3 guitars are due for new strings (one snapped on me the other day haha). Go 10 gauged stringed mustangs.
  15. Is using .009-.042 string gauge okay for my Mustang? I don't want to hurt the neck or anything. Sorry for such a noob question. Noob Question #2 I've never needed to string the mustang before and it has vintage tuners anything to worry about there? Or I should know before the plunge? Thanks for helping! edit: the particular brand of Strings I'm using is D'Addario EXP120 - Super Light's
  16. total change up but i may get an ehx small clone which is awesome
  17. I'd like to add a new pedal which can boost my tone but be totally clean without any hints towards distortion.
  18. Yay or nay. Never tried one or heard one but it looks great does anyone have thoughts on them?
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