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  1. #### my life, my favorite guitar in the world is gone!!!! im now guitarless and in a very ####ty situation i only haVE the fiesta red cobain mustang npw but its locked away..... btw hnb i love you! congrats on your red mustang, came out great! stupid friend SAID that someone came into his apartment and stole it , my only problem is , why didnt they steal anything else, like a tv or his other ####ing guitars? just seems a little out of place .... should i kick his ass or belive his story, ill let you guys decide....
  2. try learning standard e pentonic scale and the c one. try to do that with someone who playing the chords behind you and solo to that.
  3. try going to small guitar shops and try to get a deal, i got a fender deluxe tube amp for 650 in great condition just cause me and owner ended up being big cream fans and talked about it for an hour, he was nice enough to give me that for that.
  4. i would find another band that your passoinate about that has harder solos and learn some of theirs. i was in that phase of only knowing nirvana songs when i started guitar, but once i heard jimi hendrix's are you experniced it changed the way i thought of my guitar playing, and i learned every song exactly and how he played them live and it helped my playing a lot. you just have to find other bands, differnt styles, learning scales is a good thing, but what matters IS HOW YOU Use it that matters. try working on technoique more. bleach songs are not that hard, mr. mostause is the hardest song on there, incesticde is easy, try learning anerusym, big long now is just two strings and two power cord changes, dive is chords and open note stuff. the solos are fundenmentally harder on nevermind, in utero has the hardest ones
  5. i wouldnt buy it but its really its about taste, id rather just get a muustang my self
  6. dawm........... i recently got my guitar stolen , my 335, all i have is my jag-stang now how the hell do you have two ricks! this just inst fair
  7. the ulitamte way to sound like cobain! Step 1- Get depressed Step 2- marry some bimbo who takes your money Step 3- shoot up alot of black tar heroin Step 4- Destory guitars randomly Step 5- attempt to fight axl rose Step 6- Join that stupid Club
  8. i see what i can do, i just recently learned "white summer" from that show, ill post a video if i get it
  9. So they Finally Made those kc jags, but i really don't care for them, it would be Fvcking sweet if they made his custom mustangs! to me that would be bad ass! crossing my fingers for it , and one in red!
  11. determing which one is plugged in first changes the sound usually. also doesnt the polychorus have two outputs? try that, it could be your am p
  12. i feel like its an amazing guitar that really is good, but people keep telling me there not worth it
  13. and it was sonic blue he never used the fiesta red one
  14. yeah his pickups were differnt jb in bridge and texas special in the neck and he had a tune o matic but thats the only differnce from every other jagstang
  15. he did use the jagstang live only in houston, dallas, new orleans and europe
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