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  1. I like it a lot but I'm always mixed on a 5 way selector switch.. If it had on/off switches it would be perfect . However I won't criticize it till I play it . I'm considering that or the Stang Special . Either way it's a Win/Win for Fender .
  2. I would say more like $1100-$1200. A 65RI is $939 . A Cobain is $1000...... These would fit the threshold just under the semihollow Jag . I would seriously consider importing one but I'd have to thin the heard some .. Anyone in the market for a Toronado with Duncan SH-6s ?
  3. Would have to be a Jaguar ...With : Bigsby B5 4 toaster pickups Additional toggle for a kill switch.... Set Neck with 3+3 headstock Sonic Blue with matching headstock with brown tort pickguard .
  4. Here's mine ... Actually pretty common to slap a Bigsby on a Jag Special.. Almost like it belongs there ..
  5. Mine would probably have to be my Schecter Corsair Porl Thompson Signature . Just so vertatile . Then probably my UltraCure and 69RI Mustang are a close second .
  6. For under $500 bucks new ? I would have to say the Twin Tone . The Hi Flyer is great as well . I have a white tail stop . Only drawback with it I think is the pickups . And since they are Mosrite size replacements tend to be pretty pricy . It's hard to justify $300 pickups in a $400 guitar at times . GFS makes a mini humbucker in the Mosrite size but never tried it . I did play a Twintone before and for a twin humbucker guitar it's pretty versatile and for $500 is a pretty cool axe . The Hi Flyer is great for the money too . Very pretty guitar but expect to put some money aside for a
  7. the Martins are beautiful acoustics . Especially the Clapton
  8. What kind of Tele ? If it's a 72 Tele to a LEs PAul Studio I'd prolly go tele . If a standard tele to a Studio I might wanna go with the studio . P90s ? Studio . But if they're both free borrow them and see which one YOU like .
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0PoidKHCQk Or maybe one of these : A Zemaitis Disc .
  10. Certainly living up to your handle ? It's a " Love It Or Hate It "guitar . It's the " Counter Guitar " . For those that say : " Real musicians only play strats " . These tell those folks to piss off.
  11. I have 2 Hi Flyers . 1 Tailstop in white and the bass in sunburst. They're good guitars . The tailstop plays and sounds a lot more like a Gibson or Epiphone than a Mosrite or Univox IMHO. One thing I will say is that they are certainly pretty . I was considering selling them since I have 8 guitars and need to start culling the herd . PM if you're interested .
  12. I've been beating the bush about getting one of their Telemaster copies . Here's 2 of my Non Fender Offsets ( I guess they're offset . They look it to me ).
  13. Dude , I have a MIM Toronado deluxe . I'll trade you straight up . Otherwise , keep the Supersonic .
  14. I'd put a mini humbucker in the neck and P90 in the bridge . Overall I love your idea.
  15. I currently have a Toronado and love it but have also had the yearning for a Jag HH ( I've come to discover I'm not a real single coil guy with the exception of a Stang for some odd reason) . But sitting back with a bud of mine he stearnly debated with me it would be pointless to go out and get a Jag HH if I have a Toro because a Toro practically covers just about everything a Jag can . All I did was: . Not really having the chance to play ( really play ) with a Jag I would think the character of a Jag could be more mellow than a Toro . And comparing the 2 wouldn't really be an
  16. So to kinda hijack the thread ( not really but kinda ) WHAT ARE ALL the colors for reissues ? I own a vintage white mustang and discovered they sold an Olympic white RI as well . Then there's the whole sonic blue and daphne blue and the Dakota and whatever red for the 6 string but fiesta for the bass. Can someone PLEASE list the colors to ease the anxiety ?
  17. Usually use a 10 inch with plenty of good fertilizer and a 12hr heat lamp and------- Oh, GUITAR pots !
  18. Super Venus? O_o Any more Super than that and I'd expect a mullet and a ticket for the Lillith Affair in her hand.
  19. I just remembered that there is a Japanese company ( guitars are Korean made)that makes a Mustang clone . Actually it's more like a Mustang -Duo Sonic hybrid type deal ( guess it's the copyrighted tremolo thing) . Here's the thread I saw it on. Surely you can fid one on ebay or online somewhere. http://www.offsetguitars.com/forums/vie ... =6&t=34997
  20. That Bigsby kit costs almost as much as the guitar. The thinline is a great guitar.
  21. Reminds me of a Squier 51, another gem that went under the radar and became dust in the wind . I am not surprised whatsoever that a cheapie lil guitar like that knocked your socks off. Should of seen the look on my face when I first jammed on a 51.
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