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  1. Hi there, I'm ready to put a treble bleed on the volume pot in my CIJ jaguar, what would be the best setup just not to alter the tone but to let me squeeze the bass freqs when turning the volume down, i want to keep the highs while rolling back said knob... What setup would you advice? what are options and of course your caps and resistors of choice. thanks a lot! Pol
  2. Hi there, Its been 6 months since i got my beautiful Jag and i'm really happy with its overall sound, well, kind of... I planned on doing a treble bleed when i first got it because i was having some trouble with the volume pot cutting the high freq completely when rolling back the volume. I later decided just to keep the guitar as it is and got used to the tone you get when decreasing the volume, but in fact, i'm still not completely happy, deep inside of my soul. So the questions are: What are good Cap values for a decent treble bleed that wont alter the tone of the guitar and will ke
  3. Hello hello So i was reading this (awesome site by the way) http://www.bothner.co.za/articles/volumepot2.shtml apparently doing something called a "treble bleed mod" could fix my problem. to find out about this just check the link above. I also read about linear and audio pots, i haven't checked out my guitar today but i reckon that if i have a linear pot as volume i'll have to change it for an audio one. Anyway I'm thinking about re-wiring and reinstalling all the circuitry on my jag and maybe even wax my pickups...(the feedback is really annoying) wow! all of this sounds really exciti
  4. Hey guys Thanks for replying to my question, i haven't sorted out this issue yet, today i opened the jaguar for the first time looks quite cool! I checked against the fender schematics for a 62 reissue and its pretty much the same thing (i don't know were to find the ones for a CIJ jaguar) There's this cap connecting the two wheels of the neck switch section which in the schematics is only connected to first pin on the right on the right wheel... but that's about the differences I took some pictures you can check on flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/49513381@N ... 905023634/ and he
  5. Thanks for your reply. The gain does decrease, that's cool to me, i use the volume to clean up the signal a little. what i want to avoid is to suddenly, exactly when turning down the volume knob about 3/8, get a drop of tone (brightness) and get the same sound as if i would roll down the tone knob almost completely, knob which i'm not touching at any time while rolling down the volume one. I suppose that the volume pot is not working properly so i just need some advice on what to do to get the volume to decrease without losing brightness in my signal. Should i just change it or did this h
  6. Hello there! I Have this CIJ Fender Jaguar reissue 62 since 2 weeks ago and realized the volume knob changes the tone of the guitar dramatically when turned down 3/8 (from there it just dims the volume ...can it be because the japanese fender pots are cheap and they won't work properly? Could it be something else? what do you recommend? changing pots check some specific connectio ? if needed to change should I stick to the a1meg ones or switch to 500k or something? Thanks a lot for your help and advice, truly appreciated Pol
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