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  1. I own a JTK2 (2nd generation Jet King) and I personally love it. I haven't tried out the new ones yet, but I'm assuming that unless you've already played a p-90 guitar and liked it, your not going to dig it. Their also very expensive currently (by my standards) and not selling to well. It might be worth it to wait around a while, and I'm sure you'll start seeing some major price slashing when guitar center decides their tired of trying to push them, and want to put something else in their place... Also, by all means, they are not a poorly constructed guitar. Their solidly constructed and sound pretty nice as well. Be advised though that the neck is on the chunky side, so if your to fenders instead of Gibson type guitars, it's going to feel strange. I have a feeling these are soon going to be cult collector guitar soon (think along the lines of the 51' Squier and the 4-pickup Teisco models), do to how cheap and cool looking they are. Give one a go next time you get the chance. You won't be disappointed.
  2. Sounds awesome. Out of curiosity, what kind of 3-way switches are you placing the stock one's with?
  3. Ton answer your question, it doesn't matter whether the neck is single coil or not, you can only change the phase between 2 pickups (whether or not their humbucking). only 1 phase switch is needed, the other is redundant (just like the 2 phase switches on the original jag-stang).
  4. Sorry, but that's still a ripoff. You could order premium parts from Warmoth (and get exactly the specs you want as well) and build your own for half the price... Hell for $1600, you could get a custom painted body made from the finest wood, a neck built to your exact standards, premium hardware and pickups and have ti all assembled and shipped. That way, you'd get a guitar that you know sounds and plays good, as opposed to a half-baked prototype.
  5. The only place I know of where you can buy a jag-stang neck is warmoth. they might be a little expensive, but you get a quality neck and one you can customize to your own specs
  6. I'm surprised no-one's brought up the Xaviere Off-sets: http://store.guitarfetish.com/xvseofgu.html Very nice guitars, and great prices as well
  7. Wow, so they really are that good I see... While, I'll keep my eyes open for one though they only occasionally pop up on eBay. What do you think is a fair price?
  8. Anyone own one or played it? I saw one a few months back at a flea market (unfortunately, it must have been handled by a moron, because the frets were all pulled out, the body was covered in lame stickers and the headstock was painted over). They look cool, but finding them is a pain, and I'd like to get some info before i buy one. What can you tell me?
  9. Personally, this is what I'm lusting over currently:
  10. Well, put it off long enough: Got it about a month back at Sam Ash (Formally Manny's Music). In almost perfect condition aside from a very small dent on the bottom. Almost impossible to see, unless you really look close. For $400, I was very surprised to say the least. This one's definitely a keeper, though I plan on modifying it heavily in the future (When I'm not dead broke )
  11. I have the 2nd generation version of the jetking (the 2nd batch were painted different colors, though they retained the coil-tap switches). Like the other posters said, you have to like or be willing to deal with a thick neck, but given that I have long fingers, that's no problem. The pickups are good, not great, but it definitely has a very unique garage rock style to it. Overall, very awesome guitar...
  12. Have you tried checking out the used stuff at guitar center or samash? Every now and then, a used one pops up there. be vigilant and check often, That's my advice (I actually got my jag-stang at the samash on 48th st)
  13. It might have been influenced by older Japanese models, but I believe the primary inspiration was the Ibanez Rhythm maker. I can't find pics at the moment, but their supposedly very similar.
  14. I actually just picked up a blue one up at the Sam Ash at 48th St (Use to be Manny's Music) for $400 including case. No scratches or dent's and I'm assuming it's one of the later reissues. As for Value, they tend to go for about $500 to $550 on eBay, judging from the completed listings. This talk of price though brings up an interesting question... How much do you think a Jagstang will go for in about 20 years? I ask this because now that they have been discontinued (at least temporarily) I'm wondering if scarcity will drive up prices... For all you economists out there, how much would you expect the price to increase (or decrease) on either: A. Mint condition Jagstang? or B. A modified Jagstang? I figure I should get some estimates before I mess up mine Let's hear some guesses...
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