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  1. That guitar is pretty sweet, Looks sweet anyway, Hope you get your gear back though its always crap to lose gear
  2. Keep the Bronco as it is, i say unless you plan changing Colour to something different, even then....they look better in red
  3. My personal opinion is the first one (not the HH) ive played one with the same p/u's and are quite good, course ive havent played a HH so i dont particularly know which is better :/
  4. Concerter Acoustic Westone Spectrum ST ive been told its the One with Crappy p/u's http://s963.photobucket.com/albums/ae112/steven1024/ Ill just link the album....theyre bother there....i fail at posting images
  5. In my defence...ill say....i tried a fender Jag BEFORE i knew of Nirvana, i loved them and my sis told me Kurt Cobain used one n i was like
  6. Another one? Really? It's like every time we get rid of one Kurt fiend, another one appears, it's kind of like a whack-a-mole game that never ends. Heh we're all clones???
  7. um....um....um..... \o/ gotta be the first time i seen a fender jaguar and ever since loved em
  8. im sorta PO'd at how many guitarists have these guitars (or several) and i cant afford one T-T
  9. lol but jesus needs that :L he is being taught by Kurt Cobain to play guitar
  10. No, you killed that guitar (sorta) you shoulda kept the paintjob n rebuild it it would define it as your so much more
  11. well, im mostly inspired by Metallica's softer riffs....like battery (After intro) after hearing metallica i heard Nirvana and Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains, it got me into guitar....and i got an old westone from my mate, that was like 1 & 1/2 years ago what brought me to jaguar's..........Holy shizenhizen ( ) i seen a REAL one....last of the japanese ones i almost cried when the dude said it would be gone before i could get the money what brought me to mustangs, Kurt Cobain Obvious, no? ____________________________^ Best inspiration ever! and thats what brought me to this site and guitar
  12. Cant find any ._. Got offered a real mustang though dunno how much yet *crosses fingers*
  13. well i feel like getting a custom Mustang with a leftie style headstock warmoth il, build it over time ill kee you posted
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