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  1. I'm from the Lowlands of Holland! And from our little village comes the so called Palingsound,wich is well known across the borders of our country :Germany,Belgium,Austria and Morrocco. You better (not) should check out bands like BZN,Jan Smit or Nick en Simon. Though we do have some good habbits...
  2. What would be best to gear your JS with should depend on what style you're in... I would go for a Seymor Duncan PAF style in bridge position and leave the single.. a tune o matic bridge,new pots,chrome volume/tone knobs..
  3. hey all you Stang-Jagers! I was wondering if there are Jag-Stang lovers who fell in love with their JS so deep that they had it tattood on their body somewhere To me it seems ridiculous,but maybe I put somebody to the idea,and we can trade some awesome pics of Jag-Stang tattoos right here!! }>
  4. Hello, I have a lefthanded '96 fiesta red Jag-stang in good condition for sale! it s in Holland right now its on marktplaats.nl ,but maybe I'll put it on ebay greetz
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