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  1. are you john mayer? either way, real nice looking guitar. though you gotta change the guard. hawt.
  2. get a custom, then put a deluxe neck on it. cos a tele with a bucker looks so much better with the CBS stock.
  3. nice i don't like bound and blocked necks with suinburst, i've decided, but it look sgood with white i usually don't like blocks and binding with anything though.
  4. is that some kind of weird fetish?
  5. my strat shall look like that when refinned.
  6. yeah, it would look even better without the sparkley finish.
  7. just foolin' around... take it easy.
  8. I don't like feeder either.
  9. it has 2 jag pickups under the guard, and it has a strat bridge. Given a jag pickup is the same as a strat pickup, it'll sound like a strat.
  10. i've played one, it's really, really nice. BUt it squeals like a bitch and they want 750 euros for it. #### waltons. i really want it though.
  11. that's gross. i'm a fan and all, but that's too far.
  12. interesting and correct thread. yessum. To me, the most important things that define a guitar's sound are the bridge and the pickups. A ToM bridge is going to pass more resonance to the body in that continuous circle than a jag bridge is, which is why a les paul or jennysonic is more likely to be a more resonant guitar than a stock jazzmaster. But wood obviously does matter, though it's fairly minor, all you have to do is play say a cheap strat against a top of the line strat. The more expensive one will be made of higher quality wood which will more than likely resonate more, which is what makes it a "better" guitar. Which makes for more fun playing, probably, but in a realistic situation you wouldn't hear the difference - it's purely in feel. That's why people like Eric Johnson are so anal about these things - they like the feel of a resonant guitar, even if its effect on the sound is pretty minimal (though obviously you get some guitars that for unexplained reasons sound and play fantastic and others that are a bit crap that are all the same model. I guess it's because no 2 pieces of wood are identical so hence they'll resonate differently. so yeah, fancy ass tone talk is only partly true, there's a load of factors that are a lot more important in how your guitar will sound or play.
  13. I am also happy with hurb's jazzuar. it makes me happy. *nods*
  14. hi, you wouldn't be looking for a son to adopt by any chance? very nice jag. welcome to the boards.
  15. that looks real nice. Mark Arm has a bigsby tele with tele headstock, an old 70s one.
  16. too much. offer him 2300. i sure as hell wouldn't pay 3k for a 66. but maybe binding and such is hella rare on jazzies, i dunno.
  17. nail varnish is cellulose based and will come off with acetone. polyurethane is oil based and will comee of with white spirits. polyester is chemically set and will only come off with heat and elbow grease.
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