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  1. Hi: The neck pickup and the P90 are wired to operate together. The P90 uses the same volume and tone controls as the neck pup. But I can toggle the P90 off and on with the toggle placed between the main volume and tone control on the lower panel.... ??? When its off the neck pup is active, when its on both the P90 and the neck pup are on. However neither will come on unless I turn on the upper stackpole .... it took me a while to figure that out.... Im not that bright!
  2. I agree with both of you. I dont like the Bigsby even a little bit. I already ordered a Fender tremolo and a Fender pickguard.. then I discovered the P90 was an old Gibson AND it sounded good. SO right not I am doing exactly what you guys mentioned... ugly... sound... hmmm...ugly... sound...? Honestly I think Ugly is going to lose and I will likely yank it out. A little tweaking with any decent amp will recreate that p90 growl. Also, the wiring is "dodgy". The P90 is only activiated when the neck pickup is turned on adn then I can toggle to have them both (neck humbucker and P90 togethe
  3. You're probably right, "stock" seems a little out-of-the-way for this one. I did however order a new bridge tremolo setup for it. The palm pedal gets in the way. Apparently they sell for 175 - 225 on ebay. I am however learning to like the P90, its got a nice sound... if I keep it in then I wont need the pickguard... hmm decisions decisions....???
  4. Hi Ray: I paid $700 for it. I did a little more research since my last post and discovered that the P-90 is Gibson (likely late 60's). It's also wired in oddily, when you turn the neck pickup on the bridge plate the toggle turns the p90 on and off. It has an amazing growl... now I might keep it. However the palm pedal HAS to go, touch it once and its out of tune.
  5. I just purchased this 1964 jaguar. It came with a p-90 and a palm pedal. I want to remove both. Is there anyway to fill the original pickguard???? Any advice on how to fill the holes in the bridge plate or the two in the body left behind by the palm pedal?
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