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  1. Lately I've been fond of my Boss RV-5. The modulated mode is absolutely killer.
  2. CIJ Jag/ Fender Toronado/ Danelectro Mod 6/ Epiphone EA-250 --> Boss TU-2 > Analogman-modded Ibanez TS-9 > EHX Deluxe Memory Boy > Line 6 DL-4 > EXH Stereo Memory Man w/ Hazarai > Boss RV-5 --> Vox AC-15 w/ U.K. Celestion Greenback (internal speaker usually bypassed) > Orange PPC212 Everything is running through Monster Cable.
  3. Pretty sure the TOM would screw the vibrato. Loving the "inner depths of new jag hell." haha
  4. First of all, welcome to the forum and congrats on picking up a Jag! From what I understand, it sounds like you were lowering the saddle (up and down). Adjusting saddle height is more of an action parameter while moving the saddle front to back is what alters the intonation. However, I might be totally misunderstanding you. You mentioned intonation at the beginning of your post so I'm assuming that by it being "high at the twelfth fret" you mean that the note is "sharp," but by being high at the twelfth fret you also could have meant that the action is too high. Could you clarify which you're trying to work out?!
  5. Beautiful guitar! ...as for the bridge, I'm regularly at odds with mine, particularly on both E strings. And that's with a Buzzstop, which has helped tremendously. Very close to ripping my bridge out and putting a Mustang bridge in its place. I know the Buzzstops get a bad rap on here sometimes, but it has drastically improved both the stability and sustain of my Japanese Jag.
  6. Thanks hoddyman! Looking forward to setting the Buzzstop up and taking it for a spin.
  7. Hello everyone! I just purchased a buzz stop today and was wondering if the trem bar will still be functional after installation.
  8. Richie, Can I do the same mod to my Jag? I was planning on popping a hotrail into the bridge position...hate how the stock pup sounds. However, if this mod will beef up the sound it's worth a try before I hand over 80 bucks for a new one. Phil
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