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  1. I had played the piano and took lessons for 5-6 years, and just got tired of it. Plus the teacher I had exclusivly taught me classical music. My dad had a few guitars, and I started playing those, and got hooked. Haven't looked back since.
  2. There are two Jagstangs in the used section of the guitar center's website. Both Sonic blue and Fiesta Red. I would love to buy the sonic blue one, but just don't have the money, and probably won't for awhile . Just thought I'd give a heads up. Plus buying it through them, it should come with a warranty.
  3. Stevie Ray Vaughan Eric Clapton B.B. King just a couple more I thought needed to be addressed.
  4. Wish I would have seen this before you put it on ebay.
  5. Yeah...it just needs to be touched up, too bad it's in the U.K. and not the U.S.
  6. Now there's a used one up: A little too worn. http://cgi.ebay.com/Fender-Jagstang-Jag ... 2239592719
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