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  1. Ok cool, that give me an idea of what i should aim for.
  2. I bought my mustang used on ebay in 2005, and now i want to sell it and buy a jaguar. I'm not sure how much it's worth and i'd like you guys to give me your opinions. reissue 1969. Neck is pretty mint, very low fret wear. Body has a lot of scratches on the back, and many dings in the paint here and there (maybe 8-10). No major chips, just many dings. i don't have the original bridge pickup, it's been replaced for a seymour duncan hotrails. The tone pot isnt working, never has. Uploaded with ImageShack.us thx for you inputs. I could sell it to a guy here in my town for 525-550$, i'm no
  3. In my opinion you can't go wrong with either a Seymour duncan JB jr or a Seymour duncan Hotrails....
  4. I hesitate to buy on ebay because i've had two bad experiences in the past. I bought two mustangs a couple of years ago, and both were hiding things the seller didn't tell me or the pictures didn't show (tone not working, ''fake'' pickguard, weird wiring, more scratches/dings than told). Maybe i just wasn't lucky with those seller, or maybe i should have asked for more detailed pictures. But since then, i always said to myself that my next guitar will be new. Also, i kinda want a Jaguar HH olympic white, nothing else :/ But yea, i'll keep looking on ebay i might find some good deal.
  5. Is there any canadian here ? I'm searching a good place to buy a Jaguar HH online, this place seems decent http://www.stevesmusic.com/index.php?ma ... ts_id=3765 Of course i know musiciansfriend.com, but thery are based in the USA and if i order from them im afraid i'll have to pay some crazy brokerage fees. Thx for some suggestions !
  6. I'm ALMOST certain he meant he is selling the guitar, not the pot. Or were you just being satirical, McCon Lol yea, it's the Mustang i'm selling, no the tone pot :/
  7. Well on my Jagstang the tone does make a differenc IMO. But personally i don't care that it's not working on my Mustang, i never use it anyway, i always leave it on max on my Jagstang. I just thought i would sell my Mustang better if the tone would work on it, unless i fall on a buyer who doesnt care about it....
  8. Well i tryed to weld the white wire to the middle hole on the tone pot. When i plugged my guitar, nothing changed, volume worked, but not the tone. Is it because i didn't weld the wire to the right hole on the tone pot ? Or is it because the tone pot might just be dead ?
  9. The tone pot has never worked on my Mustang (i bought it used a couple of years ago and i don't know what the f*** the original owner did to it), and now i'm selling it, so i'd like to make it to work. Volume pot works of course. I have a little welding kit i think it could do the job. Does anyone can help me, i need to know what wire must go where. And also, what is that green thing welded on the tone pot. Do i have to simply weld the white wire that comes from the volume pot to one of the 3 holes on the tone pot ? thx a lot for help.
  10. Here is mine, i bought it in 2004, and it's still MINT today, i take real good care of it Bridge pickup is a Seymour Duncan JB. Neck pickup is a Dimarzio virtual vintage.
  11. Hehe ty, i've been lurking on the forum for many years, i even had an account, but i forgot my info so i just created a new one, lol :/ Oh, and i'll post pics of my stangs on the appropriate section. Ok, i imagine the enforcer humbucker might sound similar to the stock humbucker on a jagstang ? I'll probably buy a jag HH and change the bridge pickup later anyway lol, might go for another JB jr even though i already have one in my Jagstang (i just like that pickup so much !) or maybe a dimarzio super distortion, but in the meantime i'll just use the stock pickups it comes with.
  12. I curently have a Jagstang with a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge, and a Mustang with a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails in the bridge. I love the sound of those pickups. Beautiful clean sound and solid distortion. I'd like to buy a Jaguar HH (olympic white or sunburst), the one that have ''enforcer humbucker'' pickups. I'm wondering what you all think about those pickups, do they sound fine ? How would you compare them to a JB or a Hot Rails ? http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/prod ... sku=518749 thx !
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