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  1. Hi, I play Mustangs because they have my favourite tremolo system by far, and it is very rare I play an entire song with my band without using it at least a few times. One major problem I have though is keeping the arm secured to the body... I have tried and tried to use the small screw you can tighten with an allen key to keep it on the guitar, but I am experiencing trouble which I'm not sure is a result of me using it incorrectly or if it's just not designed to do what I want. I have been told that it is possible to have the trem arm swing freely when not held, but still be secured enough so as not to fall out. I can't achieve this. If mine is not tight enough so that it is rigid and stiff, then it is not tight enough to be held in very well at all. Does anyone else have this problem? Could it maybe just be a defective screw?
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