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  1. Super-Sonics are 24" scale, not 24.75". The neck pocket is unusual, yes. You would have to make the body and the neck from scratch. The bodies are small, too. Not just a flipped Jaguar. I think that I would start with a stock 24" neck and make a body to fit. I wouldn't try to replicate the joint. Once you have the neck and the body, the parts should be easy. I wouldn't use a Strat trem.
  2. My white one has a Dimarzio PAF in the neck and a Tone Zone in the bridge, which accomplishes exactly what you want. The one thing I haven't tried yet that I would like to is TV Jones Power'Trons. But you would need a new pickguard.
  3. And it is done. Back view. Notice that it is hard-tailed, with a ferule block, and a gold strat jack. With its four brothers and some cousins.
  4. Partially for the weirdness. There is a stealth factor (where is the jack?). It is angled so the cable goes over the strap and into the guitar. Someone else did it first on a blue sparkle one. I was looking to do something different, and this idea won.
  5. I'm almost done #5: As promised above, it will be a coral pink, esquired SuperSonic. Strat jack on the back, left-hand tele bridge, all gold hardware, white pearl pickguard, custom Sperzel gold / pearl tuners.
  6. I didn't measure the necks, but my memory of the Jazzmaster neck was that it felt both slightly narrower (width) and rounder (depth) on the back at the first few frets. I'm getting used to the Jaguar's neck now, and it is OK, too.
  7. They are not conversion necks. I checked, as I have a Super-Sonic body and a Strat neck laying around here. And the neck mounting holes aren't even matching, as the Super-Sonics don't have the standard rectangle neck plates. It won't work. Here is a picture of my family - including four Super-Sonics (the fifth is in parts under the Mustang Bass) and a Strat.
  8. I tried both today (and I liked the Jazzmaster neck shape), but went home with the Fiesta Red Jaguar. Very happy with it. I might put a tele bridge and pickup on it at some point, but it works pretty well stock. (This makes 16 guitars.)
  9. I don't know if you could put a 24" scale neck on a 25.5" body. Hmmmmm. The neck I have is a conversion neck, so it works. The longer bolts were needed because I didn't shape the pocket to fit the neck heel.
  10. The necks are different, as the Xavier has a Strat heel. A local luthier told me to slap it on anyways. The holes did not line up, so I made new ones. No problem. I did have to buy longer saddle bolts to get the saddles closer to the pickup for proper intonation. 24.75" scale works fine. Guitar is super-light, too.
  11. I got one and modified it. Love it. Weighs nothing. Feels and sounds great. Squier 24.75" thinline conversion neck, new pickguard. Esguar.
  12. Interesting. I hadn't thought of that. Hmmmmm. What is missing? I ordered a new Squier Jaguar in Fiesta Red today. I'm building a Coral Pink Super-Sonic as an Esquire. I still need a Daphne Blue guitar. And a small hollowbody, maybe (Gibson 339 or White Falcon Junior). Time to start the amplifier pile, I guess.
  13. The White Penguin Billy Bo has landed and joined its new family. Heck. Yeah.
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