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  1. I'll post some pics when I get somewhere with Internet. Idk how to post them from my iPhone.
  2. I put in the super distortion yestarday and was quite impressed with it. I haven't put in the 500k pots in yet, hopefully I'll get them in this weekend. I'm gonna try the 9 gauge strings too. And if I have enough ambition I'll try to wire the mustang with the schematic from seymour duncan.
  3. I just bought a second hand reissue competition blue mustang about a week ago. I ordered a dimarzio super distortion pickup for it and I have some 500k pots for it. Had anyone done that switch conversion? The one that Seymour duncan made the schematic for. Is it worth doing? Any benefits? And what gauge string should I use on it? I'm using 10s right now. Thinking about going down to 9s. Thanks!
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