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  1. hey, SV... thanks for the info. I kind of thought that was the case based on the little bit of research I've done. this is my first MIJ fender, so I guess I'm just wondering about pickups, wiring, switches, etc. and how they rate in comparison to the USA models. I've heard great things about the MIJ models for the most part, but I've also read the the quality isn't always consistent. mine seems to be really solid.
  2. hey everyone.... just acquired a great MIJ Jazzmaster and am wondering if someone can answer a question. I was told that this guitar is a Japanese 62 reissue Jazzmaster, but can only confirm that it was made in either 95 or 96 by the serial number. I was told by a fairly reliable source that most of the Jazzmasters made in Japan were reissue models. I have included a pic of mine. any info would be great. regardless, it's an awesome guitar and I am falling more in love with it daily! just wondering if I can get the particulars on this guitar.
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