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  1. I would go with custom made.... link 1 you can ask him to wind them to your own specs. Great quality. Other good choices... link 2 link 3
  2. i don't own a CP nor a BT jazzy!!! but... BLACKTOP trem plate without lock button, moved closer to the bridge than MIA and MIJ jazzies, vintage style push in style arm vintage style bridge 21 medium frets 9.5 radius truss rod can me adjusted on the headstock CLASSIC PLAYER trem plate with lock button, moved closer to the bridge, screw in style arm TOM type bridge 21 medium frets 9.5 radius vintage style truss rod can be adjusted on the heel like MIA and MIJ jazzies IMO BTs are a kinda modern version of the jazzmaster with a "less is more" approach (no rhythmn circuit with the BT). CPs are closer to the AVRIs but the closer to the brigde trem plate affects harmonics and sustain. Other than that i think they're no huge differences in neck and body. I would say go to a local store and play all jazzies you can find? I can't be objective with jazzmasters... i love'em all and if i could, i would own all versions.
  3. H this is pure awesomeness!!! It looks like this jag was made to have a bigsby. Black with nickel hardware.... can anyone ask for more? Congrats!!! These sound files don't work for me for some reason.... am I doing something wrong?
  4. I would e-mail these pics to vintaxe.com or to rock.webbuilder.hostbasket.com and ask them .... Very nice guitar indeed!
  5. I wish i could visit this place too..... damn i live 9,899 km / 6,151 miles away. Maybe you could give us a more detailed description of this exhibit about the other hotties you have on those pics. Thank you so much for posting this.
  6. yup that's Kurt's mustang great post H!!!! tell us more!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. congrats on the new jazzy.... Jazzmasters and jaguars are becoming pretty popular these days. More and more people are discovering these fine guitars. Most people buy jaguars cause of the nickel plate (killer) looks ...but hey jazzmaster's tones can't be beaten... excellent choice!!! here's a scanned pic from the jazzmaster manual... and a cool video of this super crazy gentleman talking about them switches.
  8. wow two jazzies at once.... love'm both. about the trem rattle i think this L I N K will help (click on "AV Tremolo Arm Fix") ...and welcome to the forum ...
  9. i use imageshack (http://imageshack.us/) yup it's free.... make an account upload your pics over there hit the forum's "insert link button" copy/paste the direct link from imageshack hope this helps
  10. well ... when i first saw this jag i thought this was owned by Sonic Youth.....? I don't know why.... One of the best jags i've ever seen!!! my fav colour too... What do you mean you only use the tone pot for tuning?
  11. damn... and i thought that PIO was huge..... that's a .047uf right? very nice!
  12. i don't have a black guitar and none of my buddies do. is that a good excuse to tell my wife....
  13. Do you have pics of your new pot n' orange? huge caps?....take a look at this C-D PIO 0.047uf cap i have on my baritone sidejack .... super sweet as a bumblebee.... does a great job with P90s.
  14. man you finally got her i love this black on black... and that black headstock ... Now i want one too!!!
  15. i've seen this pic of that jag somewhere before....didn't know it's yours.... super hot!!!!!!!! Please give us details(pots, caps, pups) and more pics?
  16. I totally agree with you.....disagree on the "know more than you do" and "neophyte" parts though . so true! Earth how are you man.... haven't seen you for a while....
  17. haha damn GAS cool stuff man....another great choice.... i can't wait to see this guitar with the B5V5.
  18. i think only vintage specs jms and jags have that problem with the buzzing bridge. never heard other guitar owners complaining about buzz....and there're some good replacements for solving this. Good point though cause many fender players have difficulties setting up their guitars properly.
  19. please post pics as soon as you get it ..... I think the radius for the HH jag is 9,5" as for mustang is 7,25" same as JM? Warmoth makes a modified Mustang bridge, where the saddles are adjustable L I N K but the price....damn. The TOM would be fine IMHO. I wouldn't change that as the jm-jag-mustang bridge is a pain in the a$$ to setup right... not to mention string buzz.
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