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  1. Isn't the Showman like 85-100 watts? With the volume around 6 on my Classic 30, I still clip the mic in my ipod. Are you running on seriously low output tube, or half the tubes? Because at 6 on an 85-100 watt amp, pictures should be falling, kids should be seeking cover, and neigbors should be at that second "1" already.
  2. I like . But have you thought about how Tort goodness would look against that white finish?
  3. Looks epic! Just not sure how "green" it is. The creme-ish pickups do the colour a lot of justice though. Maybe a mint green pickguard?
  4. Classic Player Jaguar HH. http://www.guitarcen...233-i1397681.gc Problem solved. Rawk out.
  5. Back on the Forums! Not that you guys would notice me leaving, with: 2009 Epiphone Les Paul Custom(Black) Stock 2008 Squier Jagmaster(Sunburst) Chrome knobs, open/black SD-6 bridge,Seth Lover HB-neck. "Zombies Eat Flesh" Sticker. Always in open G. Through: NYC Muff, Fulltone OCD V.4, 1991 Proco "The Rat", DS-1, and Hardwire Valve Distortion Into: Peavey Classic 30. With a Sovtek 12AX7 in the V.2 and a Groove 12AT7 in the V.3 rectifier slot. It almost sounds like a Valco to me now.
  6. I didn't realise putting the wah in the loop could affect the pedal or amp negatively. And I got the amp up to around 8, out of 12 (eat your heart out Spinal Tap), before the neighors made a fuss.
  7. Ended up getting the Classic 30. Exactly what I wanted. The clean "channel" is that awesome spanky Tweed sound and the "drive channel" is pure Plexi bliss. Loud enough to a play a venue for sure. The reverb's a bit sterile though. Other than that it's my dream amp. Plus, a speaker out for my 2x12 with greenbacks. And an Effects loop for the Crybaby and Aqua-puss.
  8. Right, no idea where I could get a goat in Florida. Though, I have been interested in those Univox's, but I'd like to know what you have to say about Peavey Classics.
  9. Before you're overcome by my return to the forums and burst into tears of pure joy, I must confess I'm a bit lost as to the Amp I should get. Plays smalls clubs and venues, and does the whole Who, Zeppelin, Hendrix, Cream thing well. If it can handle TeH Kurdtzz, that's even better. I await your response, oh wise Forum Elders. ..............So.....How does it work from here? Do I slaughter the chicken, or do I just give it to you guys?
  10. Haha! Thank you so much! I've finally got down the parts I need for the band's "cover". Unfortuneatly, I still can't figure out the chord at 1:27, but It's in the E blues scale, and sounds augmented. Probably.........maybe.....I honestly have no idea.
  11. Keeping it cheap? No idea. But I do know that a look at some of the Duncan Antiquity pickups will bring you closer to a hot vintage fender than Texas Specials.
  12. Anything even remotely similar to the original shape and design. Fender calls the tweaked ones "modified" and Gibson; "NOS".
  13. Although, something that always makes me laugh, Les Pauls made after '62 or so, are reissues.
  14. From what I could tell by playing my friend's 30-watt Orange Head and Cab(Not the dual terror, but the OTHER one); Oranges are like the old hot-rodded JMPs only with tighter bass and none of that atrocious biting treble I remember from my friend's old JMP copy. You know, the amp he sold for the Orange?
  15. I've got pretty much the whole song down except for the little bit starting at 3:39, and if I could get some help figuring that part out I'd be really grateful. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pm3zUQjG5no
  16. Thank you for giving an opinion, and not a link. Seriously, the reason people ask questions here and not in their search bar is for a personal response. And with my little diatribe over with; Were they atleast tuning stable? I like how rigid it is. I usually just want a tiny bit of wobble. Kind of like the intro to I'm Your Captain by Grand Funk.
  17. I'm looking to put a Bigsby on my Epi Les Paul Custom, and I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the whole thing, before I invest that kind of dough. Preferably, not involving the word "Google" and the phrase "Look it up on".
  18. Despite how much I hate my phone's camera, it's what I'm working with. Squier Jagmaster- SD Sh-6 and a Dimarzio Seth Lover PAF in the neck, 500k pots. New Fender Locking tuners too. Epi LP Custom- SD SH-14 Custom 5 in the bridge, SD 59' in the neck, 500k pots. Coil-tapped, Phase inverter for the 59. I'd show my brand-spanking new Peavey Classic 30, but I think this is the wrong thread for that.
  19. Depends on what you mean by "metal".If it's anywhere from Megadeth to Zeppelin or G'N'R(As much as it pains me to say), the Marshall 2266 Vintage modern is pretty much what you're asking for. Plexi to 900, one amp. Ye gods, if only I had job. Also, first post in 6 month. Where's my welcome home party?
  20. Oh I see. You think you're being so clever Mr. Wiseguy, but you're not!
  21. Didn't TeH Kurdtzz use a Randall head through a Bullfrog 2x12 during the pre-Nevermind days?
  22. Thanks . I guess, but I'd still rather go from nothing to quality and skip crap all together. And yeah, youtube usually does me well, but I couldn't find anything this time.
  23. Speaking of "It might get loud". Did anyone......ANYONE notice Jimmy Paige playing what appeared to be a Blonde Blackguard Tele with a Jazzmaster vibrato and single-coil sized rail pickups? I saw it once in passing and now I can't find it or anyone who's seen. It's giving me serious Tele-GAS.
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