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  1. you guys are sad, pathetic hopeless ####s who make them selves feel better by mocking people on the internet. You are small small stupid callow ####s. I hope you feel big now. I hope it rots in you that you can't #### just TRY to be polite of helpful. I hope deep down under your fcuking bravado that you know that you are disgusting rude and simply typical sarcastic boring internet users. Your just like everyone else trying to look witty and cool. I now can see how hard you try and again I just think you're sad. but to those of you who are tied to make me feel welcome. I commend you and thank
  2. I love being ####ed with by morons who think the more gear you buy the better of a player you are.... Good on you cunts....
  3. as an aside I've also noticed a marked improvement in the guitar's ability to stay in tune. You can stretch the strings while you tune it to increase the tension while you tune it without that wonky vibrato set up sending the rest of the strings out of whack.
  4. well, First remove the vibrato plate (obviously). On the underside you'll see two spring posts connected to the cylinder through the plate, remove the springs completely (probably the most difficult part of this). once this is done you can actually unscrew the spring posts from the cylinder, after you do so you're gonna need to find some washers the fit around the threaded part of the spring post. At this point you'll need to turn the cylinder upside down so the tremolo bar hole is on top and the string groove is on the back. then screw the washered spring posts back into the cylinder through
  5. I did this to my LPB comp RI stang not so long ago and it was far easier than one might have expected. I'd be happy to go into detail if anyone is interested.
  6. All of this is well and good but I'd like to replace the pickups in my Mustang and still use the covers. I know I have to get non-staggered poles.. And I have to remove the bobbin from the replacement pickup, I'm just worried about getting something home from the shop and it not fitting inside the cover.
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