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  1. FINALY HERE IS THE WEB SITE http://www.fender.com/fr-FR/products/kurtcobainmustang/models.php/?prodNo=0251400&utm_content=sf2946731&utm_medium=spredfast&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=Fender+Guitars&sf2946731=1 english site: http://www.fender.com/en-US/products/kurtcobainmustang/models.php?prodNo=0251400
  2. he probably change them back and foward the white is a dimarzio and the black is a jeff beck humbucker so it changed them for a sound differance
  3. i dont know but they pretty rare specialy the left one
  4. its strange that they release the kurt mustang cause the jaguar did not make a huge deal. fender took it out of is commercial frontline after 3 weeks compare to the new modern player who did 3 months
  5. strange maybe this is a presell or something
  6. today i will receive my fender jaguar kurt cobain

  7. http://s1106.photobucket.com/albums/h369/blason56/?action=view&current=IMG_0016.jpg this is my 65 ri that i kurtified
  8. they are some people that no idea of what is good taste. that guy like the really cheesy songs. he lives in denial
  9. like i said the guy worked for fender during the 80s and 90s. thats is how i know
  10. i discussed once with a ex fender luthier and he claims that squier had debuted the project in the erly 90s du to nirvana popularity. but that all.
  11. fender price is a lie i just ordered mine today for 1250$ this is the price store give it so it is not 1850$ for 600$ i see i big difference
  12. yes that what i did for my mustang pickguard. ask a good luthier to do the job
  13. the main difference between a red pearl and a red tort is that the red perl is all the same color. on the other hand a red tort color may varry with some spots like on the kurt mustang. the pickguard on that mustang is a red pearl its extremly hard to fing aleredy made pickguard that fits so find someone who can make pickguards this way you will have what you want.
  14. can you all show me differant telecaster so i can know what kind i will buy
  15. just kurtify this bad boy. Ask a good ''luthier'' to make you a good pickguard and put a white humbuker+the white pieces in it i am doing mine right now.
  16. you should matby find some whiter pickup covers it will be a lot better
  17. i had almost the same probleme it maybe because there is a little piece of the bridge tip string is on the vibrato bar. Sorry for my engish i cannot be more precisse
  18. the standar strat usa with matching headstock I wanted to buy one but by the time i got the money the stop producing it and the surf green one where all sold
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