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  1. well i think that the 65 is probaly a better quality then the 69
  2. i watch the movie 2 week ago (I FEEL WEIRD)
  3. who #### sweet you found just right where i found the buddy holly bronco. Seriously dude WOW :blink: i just #### my pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. its the same as buddy holly bronco
  5. i got a fender 65 ri and a fender mustan II amp !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

  6. When i have my jag-stang i took realy good care of it but the painting and the wood are week on those guitar so you have to be realy carefull so they dont f$%#@ up real bad. Plus that the electronic system is not big quality so it will worn out after a couple of year
  7. Just want to see what did you mod on your stangs
  8. could i have advice for finding fender mustangs on the internet. i dont want fender.com or ebay
  9. I wana have idea of good amps that will give a good sound to my new mustang and my old tele
  10. its realy not easy queation seriously how can we take a party on a fender guitar all their model rock (not like a compagny that began whit a g and end with a ibson)
  11. seriously dudethis is exactly how i want my exepted that the hambuker will be black. But where did you get the pick guard that is my question the one i bought did not fit realy well
  12. im not shure if its a fender but i still belive that it mtf good
  13. wow nice steal man! yup. good buy. sonic blue or daphne blue i need an awnser it will help me more than we could think
  14. realy because i ordered one was it this place http://cgi.ebay.ca/Fender-Vintage-Musta ... ccessories
  15. I just want to know if its possible to kurtified a 65 ri... I bought a light red tort pick guard a seymour duncan jb jr pick ups a white mustang pick up and i am currently in wait of a daphne blue mustang so i want to know if it will look okay or be a total desaster
  16. could some one tell me what is the pattern of a fender made inde japan mustang 65 ri
  17. ha ok but i wanted to know if it was a 65 ri or a 69 ri
  18. You mean this: But i get your point, some people can't get used to the shorter scale. is it you ???
  19. well go to warmoth.com it will be perfect for you but i recomende you tu buy all parts there it will be a lot easyer
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