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  1. so the only mustang probleme is the pickup... well i just have to change theme sor my strat pick ups ( i never use her ) the mustang have been bought i am still waiting
  2. heum... who is the most mad the one who did this or the maniac who will buy it
  3. no! no! that not what i meaned to say the contour that is contouring the pick guard i know 3 people who bought mustang and got scamed with pickguards who does not fit
  4. well no its because of the contoure and this make me realy angry
  5. Hello I am going to buy a mustang soon and i dont know if this pickguard will fit on it It will be a 65 ri and they dont tell if it is for 65 ri or 69 ri here is the link http://www.allparts.com/Red-Tortoise-Mu ... 81-044.htm I realy realy need help
  6. i just found a grear offer on a kurt cobain fender mustang and i know lots of people want a kurt cobain fender mustang so insted of customising one here one for you all http://cgi.ebay.ca/Fender-Japan-69-Kurt ... 3a5d02b223
  7. i found a super deal for a fender mustang pickguard but i dont know if it will fit a fender mustang 65 ri
  8. I will probably buy a fender mustang and i wana change the pick ups for hss and i wana know where can i find some or wich ones are compatible.
  9. i just wana know where can i buy jag stang pickups and pickguards for a jag stang project
  10. i hate the jazz master , but you cant go wrong with a jaguar and mustang are okay.
  11. for a jag stang fiesta red for sure but for a mustang sonic blue or die ( daphne blue can pass )
  12. Helo ,i sold my fender jag-stang and i want a new jag-stang and i know warmoth are making some kind of imitation but it is not exactly the same. Plus i live in canada and i dont know if the shipping will cost me a fortune
  13. im from montreal and i know a guy who play jag stang but he serched it for almost 3 year
  14. i have the same guitar but my jagstang is red
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