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  1. Hi Everyone Just wondered if anyone can help.....I've got a CIJ Jaguar, but when I'm in lead circuit position the volume doesn't go off completely. If i turn to volume down it still plays slightly and also with both the pick up switches down i can still hear an output! I've got a feeling it may be a grounding issue? Anyone have any ideas??? Regards Bob WAWAW
  2. Hi mate Yeah i'm aware of drilling, what i'm wanting is to find the full kit with plunger/spring/mute plate and foam piece. Can't find one anywhere in UK! Cheers
  3. Cheers mike for all help wi me strings. Had already thought of soldering end winding, think next time though i will go for bullets. Knew it were summat to do wi ball end rubbing on bridge, but as I say have had guitar since 2003 always used same brand strings, although have tried different gauges even 9's an it's never done before. Cheers UTO
  4. ey up pal Got guitar new in 2003. original bridge, did briefly try a mustang bridge but swapped it back cos i want it as standard (apart from i do fancy one of them mute things - see me other post) Have had it set up professionally 3 or 4 times. Strings aren't snapping, the bit that winds onto the ball end keeps coming undone, i don't use crap strings, usually d'addario 10's maybe should try fender bullet ends??? Cheers
  5. Another day, another busted top E string. Stripped guitar down.Checked neck straight, intonation perfect, checked radius ont bridge wi radius gauge. Checked trem but that a reight ball ache to set up. Guitar tunes up ok, then when me E string as stretched in a bit an needs a bit of tuning up again it busts. Had this piece a ####e 7 years an it's never been any better than a bit of 500 quid fire wood. Fender Jaguar best looking guitar ever made but plays like crap! Should've listened in Electromusic in Donny when they told me not to buy one. Please help! Cheers
  6. I recently put some new strings on me '62 Jap Reissue jag, and have since had 2 top E strings break, both times at ball end, first time ball winding came undone. Been having a bit o trouble keeping top string in tune. I reckon it might be summat to do wi set up of trem. Any ideas? Cheers
  7. Hi there to everyone, i'm Bob a new member. I have a CIJ '62 Reissue Jaguar (sunburst), an for some reason I wanna fit a string mute. I know everyone with USA Jags takes em off, but you know I wanna be a bit different. I know you can get em and fit em to CIJ Jags, but here in England I have no idea where to get one. Am wanting complete kits, with springs and chrome covers. Must be genuine Fender an all. Can anyone help us?????? Cheers
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