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  1. That's a lot better picture, and it look so much better there....kinda reminds me of my WI64 Washburn....but I can't get over that cut on the rear top portion....it would be so much better without it.... Steve L. Cypress, TX
  2. I think a better picture might have helped too....the one you posted was not very flattering....smiles. Did you see my newest purchase...? I have not received it yet, it's still in transport....funds got help up in PayPal...my fault not theirs..... Steve L Cypress, TX
  3. Well....I'm glad you see it that way....alot of folks on the WWW are not so practicle about hearing the truth from others....my hat's off to you.... Steve L. cypress, TX
  4. To be honest.....ButtUgly..... Sorry, just my opinion.... Steve L. Cypress, TX
  5. Way cool bud, I don't really know much about this model that model etc, thanks for having my back...but this one here really grabbed my attention, the more I looked at the pictures, the more I had to have it.....kinda like love at first sight....but that might be just a bit overboard....naawwwww....it was love at first sight....smiles. Steve L. Cypress, TX
  6. My bad.....yes....the actual ad reports MODIFIED....I removed that from my desription...sorry. Steve L. Cypress, TX
  7. I was surprised to win something off of ebay....I never win when I want something, well this time I did win....here it is.... I haven't recieved it yet, as the funds are being transfered to paypal at this time, but I hope to have it by the end of next week. It's a Fender Squier 51 Strat Tele. I am really surprised at how badly I wanted this one, and to have won it...well...that's fantastic to me....what do you all think of it? Steve L. Cypress,TX
  8. You don't know the power of the dark side.... Steve L. Cypress, TX
  9. Yeah....we are still using the Dollar here in the USA, but if things don't improve soon, we could be using jelly beans or something else....thanks for your input.... Steve L. Cypress, TX
  10. I have a ad on CL for a Line 6 Spider III 30 watt amp, with 6FX and a 12" Celestion, but have not received any hits on my ad. I have it posted for 150.00 .... What in your opinions, is a decent price for this amp guys? Check here for my ad... Thanks ahead of time for your input.....what should I charge for this amp....what is it worth in todays economy in your area/s... Steve L. Cypress, TX
  11. I like it.....ship it to this address......smiles. Steve L. Cypress, TX
  12. talk about the grunge look..... Steve L. Cypress, TX
  13. I just google everything.....i can usually find what I'm looking for that way.... Good Luck... Steve L. Cypress, TX
  14. Looks really good, I'd trade my Black on Black for it.....smiles. Steve L. Cypress, TX
  15. My dad lives in Yucaipa, not too far from your area I believe....good luck in school...I once lived out in Anaheim too, off of Katella and Brookhurst...

  16. Just curious, what part of SoCal are you from, before I came here to Houston, I lived in Upland just east of Los Angeles by about 30 miles or less....oh...and thanks for the comments on my threads.

  17. Interesting....I wonder why I have not heard more about this type of guitar....well...you cleared up that question for me and I appreciate you taking the time to educate me with this concern I had....I'm even more curious now..... A very BIG...thank you. Steve L. Cypress, TX
  18. Thanks for the help....but I'm still a bit lost...how would you or when would you play or use this guitar for? Thanks again, Steve L. Cypress, TX
  19. Can someone tell me what they mean here when they say Agile Argus 630 LPB Extended Scale Guitar I think I may have heard someone tell me in another thread about the extended scale...but I am not sure....? http://www.rondomusic.com/arguslpb.html and what is the deal with: Setup to intonate with 24 34 44 56 72 84 gauge strings Thanks Steve L. Cypress, TX
  20. and to make it even worse, they want over 400 dollars for their "modification" Steve L. Cypress, TX
  21. Agree with vastrange....KILLER RED.....gorgeous guitar....thanks for posting the pics. Steve L. Cypress, TX
  22. Nice looking Dano..... Won't taking the handle off leave a couple of holes in the tuck n roll? Steve L. Cypress, TX
  23. I like the HF too....but why are the neck pick ups mounted kinda sideways like that? I'm not sure I care for that aspect of the overall appearance... Steve L. Cypress, TX
  24. I paid 300.00 even for my olympic white strat....with no bag or extras... I am beginning to like those "other" colors.....daphine blue and surf green... Steve L. Cypress, TX
  25. I would think it would be possible to use some sort of solvent on the finish around the decal, but just how to do it....i am not sure....maybe taping off a square around the decal and then slowly, using diluted acetone or something....but I'm not sure about this procedure...maybe ask your local guitar shop owner... Steve L. Cypress, TX
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