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  1. Check the saddle. It's got a burr or it's very sharp? How about the break angle over the bridge?
  2. Listen to the two snippets I posted and tell me which is the Fender and which is the Gretsch.
  3. My question stands. The CP bridge is a TOM bridge - what's wrong with it? (Nothing)
  4. Fender cases are different sizes (length) for Strats and Jags. If they both fit...something is wrong - in my opinion.
  5. Have you plugged into the amp directly? Guitar---->Amp Tried another power source for the amp? Tried another guitar?
  6. I'd be interested in hearing how much you are spending to get what is a CP Jag? I paid $600 out the door for a new one from 2008.
  7. The spacing between the bushings probably won't be the same, so you are talking about plugging the old holes and redrilling. The question I have is why? Mustang bridge will do nothing but cause you headaches. That's why Fender changed it.
  8. Have his wife or son substantiate the facts behind the guitar.
  9. You could buy your heroes guitar and you still won't sound like him. Tone is from the fingers, not the guitar or the amp, pickups or stomp box.
  10. How much are they? Will this "interfere" with the blacktop series? I looked and they list for $480. SO maybe $350 at the store. I have a VM Strat and while it is a great guitar for the money...it IS half as good as my MIM Jag - in almost every way.
  11. The lock is to keep it in tune when a string breaks, not to physically lock the bar in place - it's something of a misnomer. The bar will go down when the lock is engaged, but not up. If you look at the cross section you can see it. The right side is toward the headstock.
  12. Mine had a dead spot on the 'B' at the 15th fret. Without shimming it was awful. It was also two years old when I bought it. It had been sitting in the store since 2008.
  13. Sounds like the neck needs to be shimmed and the truss rod needs adjustment. Depending on where you live and the temperature changes at night tunings change. Mine goes sharp at night. Yes, the bridge directly affects the action. Too low and you get buzz, too high and the guitar is unplayable.
  14. It's ugly and unwanted. $3,500 Why would you want a guitar with built in effects? Robot tuners? And it's made of swamp ash? No thank you.
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