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  1. Hey I have a js with an emg-sa in the neck and an 81 in the brige. My SA only works in one direction (neck) so I was wondering about adding something to the bridge (downward) position such as an effect of some sort. What is available? I've heard this being done, but what does it generally entail?
  2. Hey I remember when my jagstang was still blue do you? Do you have before and after pictures of the fade to green? I'm trying to dig up some old ones and will update soon.
  3. My baby Emg SA in the neck and Emg 81 in the bridge. Just had a new bone nut made/installed and a double fret dressing (they were that bad) and spacers under the string tree (to get rid of all that downward pressure) perfectly intonated and stays in tune now. Elixer 11s
  4. Oh well, whatever, nevermind I had the frets dressed and a custom bone nut made/installed and a string spacer under the string tree and pro setup. Plays better than it ever has since I've owned it. Also had my pots cleaned for my emgs. $214
  5. How much would (ballpark) would it cost for fret dressing and new nut installation? Fret is flat under the g string. And I just measured my js nut and I got 1-5/8
  6. Hey I've got a 50th anniversary JS which has seen better days. I tried replacing the nut today but it didn't really fix my problems. So I was wondering if I went Warmoth for the neck what options would most closely replicate the original Fender neck? I'm talking headstock, fret size and material, neck scale, neck/fingerboard wood, nut width, neck shape, fingerboard radius etc. And what about laquer/Decals, do they do that too? Much help would be appreciated I miss playing this thing.
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