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  1. Hello. I have no willpower, I went back home with the Jaguar . The guy from the shop rechecked and fixed all the electronics this morning and emailed me just after that. And he told that if I have any problem or something that sounds weird to me he could fix it free of charge. Good service. For anyone interested, this shop ships overseas and the owner speaks english. The yen is a bit strong these days but he regularly has japanese Jaguars for about 50 to 53k yens, which is the best price I've seen in Tokyo so far. http://guitar-shelter.com/ And you can also search online on digimart (ther
  2. I just came back from the other shop, I would have taken the white JG66 but there was a small electronics problem (looks like the capacitor from the rythm circuit died). The guy will take care of this tomorrow I think and I'll go back there to test it again and if everything's ok I'll give him some money and bring the jaguar home . It's this one btw : As for amps/etc. : the Vox Tonelabs ST seems to be exactly what I need, does anyone have any comment about this one ? As I plug all my other instruments in a 16 tracks mixer, something like that is better than a small amp I think.
  3. Thanks for all the feedback. I went to Ochanomizu yesterday and to a few other shops in Shibuya today to see what's available. There are a lot of Jaguars, mostly japanese ones, and some Jazzmasters (I even saw a secondhand Lee Ranaldo version, still far too expensive for me ). I did not see even one Jagmaster, unfortunately. Looks like they're not that common here. A few of the Jaguars were secondhand, and of course in excellent condition (it's Japan...). One of them was quite tempting : a JG66 version, sunburst + red/tortoise pickguard. It was a bit cheaper than the other ones I saw : 60
  4. Hello again, vastrange : Why a Jazzmaster more than a Jaguar/Jagmaster ? If I'm not mistaken, the Jazzmaster had a 25.5 scale instead of 24 for the other two, right ? To be honest, I'm not certain that this would make a difference for me but I'll have to handle the instruments to really see that. The guitar I used to play (SG) is right between 24 and 25.5 and all of these are much bigger than a soprano uke anyway . I would instinctively tend to gravitate toward the smaller scale, but that's mostly because I like small instruments. I'm not sure the 4cm difference is really important for me.
  5. Hi, I'm new here so here's some boring background first : I'm more of an electronic musician than a guitarist, I mostly make (often improvised) droney/melodic/noisy electronic music with gameboys, toy keyboards, synths, effects, circuit bent devices, loopers, etc. I don't have a guitar right now but I used to have an Epiphone SG for a long time, though I have to admit that once I bought my first analog synthesizer the guitar got quite neglected . I actually still own the SG but it's in a friend's apartment in Paris and I live in Tokyo now. So, not really ideal to make noisy noises at home
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