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  1. HEY FELLOW FENDER FRIENDS!! Here's a question- this is for all the JAG-STANG owners here. OK, everyone knows the Jag-Stang was introduced in 1996, but has anyone ever seen, or owned one that was made in 1995? This would require a serial number that begins with a "U", not a "V", and the numbers after the "U" have to be quite low- under 020,000- example-( U-O18432) Also, since i'm sure everyone knows, ALL 1996 Fenders had the "50th Anniversary Sticker" on the head. so a 1995 would not. My Jag-stang has a "U"-0160xx serial number, which indicates late 1995, and it has never had the "50th" sticker on the back of the head. PLUS the neck pocket is stamped "J-T 95".(they all might be). I just wanted to see if anyone else has one like this, b/c it's starting to seem like i have a very rare Jag-stang. LET ME KNOW!!!
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