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  1. Mostly, get all of the screws in but don't tighten them down until they are all the way in. Then you can find the ones that misalign a bit and compensate as you finish tightening.
  2. As for full size Guitar Hero and Rock Band controllers, there is a market for them, not that I am on board with scrapping your LP or what ever to make one. Relicing is a tricky subject. Some poeple (myself for one) like beat up looking stuff. But is it worth an extra grand? I'd say not, since Axl offers their Bad Water series for about $150 each. That's not an extra, that's the entire price (btw I think they are pretty ####ty guitars, but that's not really my point). Fake relicing has it's place, it's just nicer when people say, "yeah, I like it that way." instead of hoping for bonus mojo.
  3. A few folks have Tele Customs and like those quite a bit, and some others have put hums in their Teles with favorable results. In my mind a Tele is a Tele, and I don't care for anything other than the original config.
  4. It's like a Mustang and an LP Double Cut got busy...
  5. They are substantially different models. Different scale lenghts, and cavity routes. To make a Cyclone look like a Mustang would take some real custom work, and probably double the cost of the guitar.
  6. Now that I have Antigua Action Kung Fu Grip, I'll mind you to tone it down a notch, sir.
  7. But they metered the same. I'm guessing the other pup is fine. Check the swtch wiring, maybe you have a tiny weak solder joint that goes to ground?
  8. The best thing you can do with that guitar is sell it to me. It's not worth much, but I'll give you a fair price.
  9. 1978 was the acme of Mustang manufacture as I understand it. Clearly superior to all other years.
  10. This may sound like a dumb question, but did you get a linear pot or logorithmic (audio). Linears increase/deecrease at a constant value, where audio use "curve" based on a logorithmic set of values. The linear may not always "zero out" and could be your problem.
  11. Cross, you wouldn't mind showing a ster by step on getting that neck shaped, would you? I'd like to see it done.
  12. A student guitar, still made like a student guitar and expensive for a student guitar. It was doomed from the get go. They should roll them out under the Squier nameplate and charge $199... oh wait, that'd be the Cyclone with an extra 3/4".
  13. F'k Tolerone. Coffee Crisp, man! Coffee Crisp!
  14. Yeah, me too, but that grain lines up real good, especially at the butt.
  15. Very nice, I especially like the slab body, great choice!
  16. If I get a bigger place, I'll probably get one again. There are some things I like about manual drafting, plus I was pretty damn good at it.
  17. I started my engineering career on the drafting board (not cad) and owen's sketches are pretty damn good! Rob that Bronco looks sweet as hell.... To Rob, Aug & DDDave, how good / bad is that trem? Pros? Cons?
  18. The spare pg that I have lines up almost 100% with my '78 pg. Only one hole is off by less than 1mm and the curve into the treble horn is also different by about the same margin...
  19. I have a black one that still has the plastic on it. I'll have to check if it lines up with a vintage one. $20 & shipping if interested pm me...
  20. MAn get those clear trash bags (like you have to use in Hamburg). You can sand in them, and they do a real good job of controling dust. Plus the bigger sizes make it easy to check in and get a clear look at what you're doing. My wife is alergic to many types of wood dusts, and she has any reaction when I sand that way....
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