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  1. Got it!! Had to design my own schematic based on the Seymour Duncan diagram of the old Peavey "spin a split" design, but she's up and runnin and soundin purty. Thanks HNB for all your help, next is the Mustang with the lace sensor dually you gave me the diagram for a while back, been slackin on that one... time to go open her up....
  2. Still running into issues Tried what i could think of with my (limited) knowledge. i contacted fender again, waiting til monday for a reply. this schematic is weird. it looks like it's got hot wires and grounds going to the same place, and wires mysteriously changing colors between contacts. i tried grounding the bare wires to a known ground with some success. again, if anyone at all has one of the Jaguar Classic Player HH and wouldn't mind opening it up and snapping a few detailed pics, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks everybody for any help!
  3. real quick HNB, do you know if any of the lugs on the rollers are supposed to be grounded to themselves? it kind of looks like the ones on the right are, but it's a bit hard to tell. been doin wiring forever, but still a bit of a noob thank you again
  4. Thank you HNB for your quick replies. I'll check my color codes and try this thing again. i'll be back to update!
  5. That is the one i've been using. I tried it and had no luck. I may rip it apart and try again. Is it just me or does it look like it's missing grounds where the pickups connect, on the input jack, and on the tone knob? also, i assume this diagram is using the fender color codes on the pickup wires, and i have already compensated for that with my SD's.
  6. Hey guys, I am trying to rewire my Jaguar HH special like a Jaguar CP HH, i.e, the single/ hum blend controls on the upper bout. I found one diagram already, but it doesn't seem to be working I know you need 4-conductor pickups (got a couple of SD's in there) And i know the fender wire colors are different from SD's. the diagram i have doesn't seem to have hardly anything grounded. i'm a bit perplexed. I called Fender and all they could/would send me is the Jag HH special diagram. So i was wondering if anyone had a diagram or had a CP HH they'd be willing to open up and take some detailed pi
  7. not sure about the cream color, but is soubds like the metal prong on your input jack has been bent just a bit over time. not much to worry about besides being a hassle. you could always get a new one, it should only be 2 wires to solder. or just try to bend that one back a little bit.
  8. hey maya! glad to hear you got that lace sensor dually working. i still have not gotten mine working properly. can you tell me how you got the switching to work? i've been trying to do the same (red- both- silver) but can't figure it out. thanks
  9. hmmm... the sonics i've always seen have looked much lighter. maybe it just looks blue-er to me in the pic. well either way, they're both beautiful colors. very nice guitar you have there.
  10. sonic blue is the lighter of the two, and under stage lights looks almost white (i.e., kurtdz mustangs) daphne is more of a baby blue.
  11. thank you mayajag, the lace dually is not working out very well right now. i messed up the wiring and am waiting on a new soldering iron before i can fix it. that pickup has given me alot of trouble with wiring it. coil shunt just refers to turning off one of the coils and using just one single coil. some call it coil split or coil tap, but those are actually different things. when i do get it working it will either be wired like i said before which is: red-silver series/ silver alone/ red-silver parallel. OR: red/ red-silver/ silver. i'm not sure which i want to go with yet. so i haven't actu
  12. that should work out just fine. if its a JB junior, you won't even have to route the body cavity or the pickguard. i have a full size JB in one of my 'stangs and one in a strat. i love those things, tho i haven't ever used the jr version. sounds like a cool project, make sure to post some pics. the only noticeable difference between a 65 ri and a 69 ri is the forearm and belly contours on the 69. the 65 doesn't have the contours. Kurt's were sonic blue, but i personally like daphne better.
  13. i think thats a little different than what i tried, but i will definitely be trying this one. thank you
  14. it's cool gilmourish, i bought it super cheap with the knowledge it was not a genuine gibson. i had some gibson pups layin around out of my actual gibson and stuck those in and an entirely new wiring harness. restrung, truss rod and bridge adjustments, and she plays and sounds fantastic. very impressed. actually fooled most of the guys down at the local guitar center (no i wasn't trying to sell it to them under false pretenses, haha)
  15. thank you, if you open up the bridge and take the springs out and put washers on the posts and flip the trem bar, you disengage the tremolo altogether and the strings come straight through the back (better sustain?) instead of out and around. solves tuning issues on some stangs. i never used the tremolo myself, so i figured this would be a good thing to do.
  16. the green guitar is a "gibson' les paul custom. but even being a "gibson," it's a great playing guitar. it has all new guts and authentic gibson pickups. i was actually quite impressed with the quality when i got it.
  17. hey everyone, new poster but long time observer, here is most of my collection: i also have a jagmaster that was not present for the "photo shoot" haha. theres an ovation celebrity deluxe you can just barely see on the edge of one of the photos as well. plus a couple little projects in various states of (dis)repair. i hope you like 'em, i know i sure do!!
  18. pretty new on the forum, but long time observer, here ya go... comp lpb from 02-03, JB in the bridge, white from 94-95, lace dually red-silver, both with upgraded tuners, flipped trem bar, and custom switching. (neck pup switch is a pup selector, bridge pup switch is: hum series-coil shunt-hum parallel
  19. well i guess feedback really is my only friend, hahah!!! i guess i will have to try wd or chandler. what i have works, but i'd wanted an upgrade. i butchered the pickguard cutting a humbucker slot, so i just have a ring on it now. no biggie. thank you feedback for answereing!!
  20. new to the forum, here's the "million Dollar Question:" i am trying to put a lace sensor dually red-silver in the bridge position of my '69 RI. it's all routed and everything but i'm doing a different type of switching. i successfully wired my '69 RI comp blue with a JB with the switches being used for a pickup selector and series-shunt-parallel (thanks deaf eddie!), but am running into problems doing the same with the lace. if anyone knows about these, any help is much appreciated.
  21. Hey guys, new to the forum, long time onlooker. wondering if anyone knows a good (cheap?) place to get custom mustang pickguards (with a straight humbucker slot in the bridge position) been lookin around and WD looks good, but says their guards won't fit actual fenders, just WD type bodies. any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!!
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