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    Playing guitar, listening to Nirvana, the Beatles, Hendrix, Blue Oyster Cult, Queen etc. buying band records so if I download their content on Limewire I don't feel like I stole music, thinking of all the guitars I'd like and all the mods I'd like to do, then remembering I'm poor

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  1. I havent even been able to find lefty reissues! And if so, theyre all over $700 dollars, which is pretty much my price ceiling
  2. Ive considered Mustangs and jags, theyre actually harder to find and more expensive, maybe Kurt smashed them all!
  3. Very nice! Do I even have to ask for you to post the pictures? Im definatley jealous! It looks great, I cant say that enough!
  4. No problem! I dont know if ebay.com has anything within your area or spending limit, but they have them there all the time! Id like to think that I speak on the behalf of all the members here, when I say welcome! I hope you stick around!
  5. True! But everything is what you make it! Im happy for you though man! That is a nice looking guitar body!
  6. Havent played it, but this seems, KILLER. Not my style, but I certainly know many people who will be pleased!!! Thanks mate! -Kris
  7. The Caption should say "Designs get increasingly ballsy." Hey man, personally, I like the first, but I wouldnt worry about what is "sacreligious" or not. (No offense Tremolo!) Id go with the guitar, that youd be most pleased with, so go with your gut feeling. You might want to get the opinion of a mod expert in on this one, just to see which would would be the safest route, and the one that would be easiest to make changes to if you find it nescessary! Cheers, and good luck mate! -Kris
  8. Hello all! Gosh, its been a while since I posted. I have quite a problem here. Currently, I own a right-handed Jag-Stang, its a first year model, no dings, perfect condition. But alas, I am a lefty. Its a fantastic guitar! I love Jag-Stangs, but should I preserve this guitars life as a righty, and pursue and left-handed model, or flip this beauty, and keep her for mine? Keep in mind, righty's sell cheaper, and are easier to find. I got this one for $760.00, which I thought was a good price for a guitar in such good conditions, and being a first year model as well! All the lefties go for over $1000, and I dont have that money!
  9. '69s are sexy, but my main reason for voting '65, I'm a slab body man!! now if the '65s had racing stripes and matching headstocks? Hot hot hot hot hot hot!!!!!
  10. Yeah, but I mean thats not a huge problem, just annoying Ive had a thing for the mirrors ever since I saw a lefty Fender Jazz Bass with one (not to mention a sunburst finish, and as you may know, I have a thing for such finishes) MY GOD. The thing knocked me off my fvcking feet!!!
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