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  1. I own red which I like a lot! I would like a blue one too. Maybe someday.. or I might get a blue mustang for fun instead.
  2. I really enjoy mine. I would see if you can find someone locally who has one or find one used in a guitar shop so you can play it to try it out. You never know on a guitar until you try it. It is very easy to mod since it has switches already. I modded mine a lot. I personally think it is a really fun guitar with a neat look. Like others have said, the neck is nice. It is supposed to be a copy of Kurt's favorite neck.
  3. It is strange how sometimes the cheaper guitars have a better feel or sound. My Peavey Patriot is a fun guitar and I got it at a pawn shop when I was in high school. My jagstang and stratocaster were also used. I don't think any of my guitars have been purchased new now that I think about it. I think a new guitar might have some sort of stigma that makes it hard to be comfortable with them like a used one maybe. All of my guitars had little scratches or a paint chip or two. Helps me relax when playing instead of worrying about bumping and scratching it. How do you like the sound of the XN2?
  4. I use: 1995 Fender Jagstang 1985 Fender Stratocaster - Gallien Krueger 300g Guitar Head - Gallien Krueger Cabinet 1980's Peavey Patriot
  5. Mine has a U serial number and the 50th anniversary sticker.
  6. I worked off of a mustang mod where the three way switch becomes a pickup selecter for my jagstang. (Neck, Both, Bridge) That switch is working well. I figured I could use the same idea to split my Red Red Dually Lace Pickup in the bridge. (Up, Both, Bottom Pickup) Got it wired like the diagram below, but the dually isn't working right. Up works, middle works, but bottom cuts sound completely. I think I might have a bad switch, but thought I would check and see if there is any issue with my wiring. Thanks in advance for advice or input.
  7. I am working on my 1985 Fender Stratocaster. List of mods: Added TBX tone knob. Added Push Pull knob to make a seven way switch. Wired one master tone and removed the second one to add a killswitch. Added gloss black pickguard... sort of. (Standard one doesn't seem to fit and I can't seem to fine anywhere that sells one that will fit with that cool and rather large bridge. I still need to get a pickguard that fits and I also plan to add three Hot Rail pickups. It is coming together. I will probably keep the beat up white volume and tone knobs. (Aren't on because I need the picguard sti
  8. Hi! New to the board. I have found tons of interesting stuff on mods and wiring. Below is my Jagstang. I added a TBX tone control, rewired it so the neck switch is a pickup selecter and the bridge switch is a coil splitter. I plan on adding telecaster knobs and a killswitch. It has a blue lace sensor in the neck and a red red dually in the bridge. I locked the bridge and the tune-o-matic. I also put in a black pearl pickguard.
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