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  1. Everyone I'm trying to rebuild the Jagstang if it were to have the best parts. A Jagstag we wish they would make This is what I have done so far CTS Left Handed 250K Audio Pot Switchcraft White On-Off-On Slide Switch Copper Shielding Tape Cloth Wire Kit Switchcraft #11 Gold 1/4" Input Jack .047 MFD 600V Orange Drop Capacitors Real Texas single Special pickup USA dimarzio pickup H-8 the last thing I need to do is get and I don't have is real mustang knobs (the ones that come with are too small and dont fit the pots shafts) String guide I will a get a pro to do the set up below Mastery Bridge (i have to order) Bone nut Right now its heavier but feels more solid than a practice toy guitar it was way more sustain with the 8 h pickup did a record compare with old and with this new set up. Surprised diff was in the bottom and not the top Its sounds warmer not so harsh. Clean is super clean You can see diff in size orginal to CTS left pots I bought a new lefty pick guard from a guy who makes them in England and sells them on ebay its 3 ply vs 2 ply from Japan so its nicer. Fits perfect. Big cap.... Its pretty tight in there..whew! Wondering if I wired this wrong as I copied the orginal and the pots were right handed. These are lefty so the vol rolls very fast Copper shielding----- No humming at all Tell me what you think? Advice. Its been a pet project as the lefties are so rare. This is a cork sniffer Jagstang as there is no dings or scratches. I paid top for it as it was not like new but put in a closet and left there for years. The one thing its not is MIJ is CIJ 96 tried to put the images but said I couldnT?
  2. 250 pots vs 500pots for the jagstang what is the adavantage? I'm going to keep the same routing but just swap out the pups and pots as the ones that are in it are just really cheaply made
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