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  1. You're from new iberia? Ronnie closed his..He walked in my store the other day with a gift. He built me a old army water/gas can guitar and it's killer.
  2. Kurt hated everything marshall..he had crest power amps also..i doubt he used a marshall. He did use that mesa preamp though..
  3. Hey Doug. Julian would be the one to ask because he just got back from touring Europe and he's going back for another leg in Oct. He's leaving gear there now for this exact reason. He's building pedal board number 4 that will remain in Europe. He's buying similar pedals to pedal board 1 and getting used cheaper pedals that provide the same basic functions as his main board. He told me all about the research he was doing and i'll ask him again to go over it with me and i'll let you know what i find...
  4. I have a marshall shredmaster but i never use it. It's not bad but i like some others more.
  5. We have a matching additional cabinet in the studio also. It was all built by same guy. He passed away but i'd be happy to get any dimensions or additional pics if you would like.
  6. It's an effect by EHX called ravish sitar. I'm looking at real sitar's right now. I found one that needs strings and it scared me. HA! I'm researching them now because i want one. The effect is close though and it sounds like a coral or old dane electro g-itar.
  7. My rig is always a complicated situation but..for the song i'm wrapping up i used mainly my blue tele and mesa. I used one fuzz pedal and that was Fredric Effects unpleasant companion. That fuzz is so obnoxious but in a fantastic way. I also used my ehx sitar pedal and here is where it gets tricky. The sitar pedal has 2 outs. One for lead and one for sympathetic strings with controls for both. I ran the sympathetic out to either a pignose or ac-4. After the sitar pedal on sympathetic out i used a small clone right before the amp. Someone told me to do that and they were dead on. It gave a little swirl to the drones. The other out, lead out, i ran into my mesa. I'll put a few pics. I have one more short lick to play and i'm going to use my jag and then i'm going to replay one other part with jag and double it with tele.
  8. My issue with multi-effects is that they do a lot of different things average but they don't excel at anything. As far as tube amps go, all of the above mentioned are excellent. I play through a Mesa and a tube pignose but i also own a vox ac-4. That little vox is super. I think if you were on a budget then you could get a little vox and a couple of pedals and it won't break the bank. I also use tech 21 stuff and it's great. I like EHX also. For fuzz and overdrives i like Fredric Effects stuff. I use an old pro co rat often as well but i don't like the newer ones.
  9. I messed the video up but i enjoyed my friends playing so i uploaded anyways. We are redoing it soon but here is Julian Primeaux giving Fredric Effects Scrambled Brainz a test run. I love all of their effects. First class stuff..
  10. I have fallen in love with this one. It's a friends and he isn't selling it but i want it bad! It was a 63 head that they built into a 2 12 combo. It's lovely.
  11. I am so jealous! Nice as hell man! Congrats again on a great score.
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