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  1. hi guys, maybe i m wrong , but it seems that the jagmaster model is discontinued, can anyone confirm this? i m asking this because i have one and is my favorite and i can´t find them on the squier site, thanks...by the way sorry for my bad english... grettings!
  2. Hi guys! I need some help about the tonal differences among those 2 guitars, because on video you can't really appreciate the distintive voice of both jazz's... specially because the bridge difference between them ....apologies for my bad english. Cheers!!!
  3. Hey guys check this http://tonereport.com/news/fender-squier-announces-vintage-modified-baritone-jazzmaster http://www.gak.co.uk/en/squier-vintage-modified-baritone-jazzmaster-antigua/101124
  4. dod grunge... and i belive he use it on "school",for pier 48/MTV Live and Loud Concert sorry for my english...
  5. check it out!!! http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/squier-vintage-modified-mustang-electric-guitar also at the same date , mf will realese de Squier Jazzmaster and the Squier jaguar cheers!!!!
  6. hey guys!!! http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/squier-cyclone-electric-guitar/h77032
  7. check http://www.sonicyouth.com/mustang/eq/gear.html cheers !
  8. Hi guys...is possible to convert the jagmaster stock pups to single coils?? i check the pups and they have 4 wires so i was asking to my friend to do this but he's got no clue.... the coil tapping term is familiar to me and i wish to this mod to my guitar cheers!!!
  9. HEy guys!!! check it out!!!! http://www.fender.com/es-ES/products/search.php/?partno=0301060541
  10. look in seymour duncan page for jag schematic or just look for jag schematics in google
  11. hi!... i already installed de dimarzio tone zone in my jagmaster and i have to say ...DAMMM!!!!!!!! nice sound!!!!! good balance .....the original pup had a tendence to mids but this one is pretty well nice balanced sound... i try it with 3 diferents amps a randall 100 watts rms superchorus, a epiphone valve jr 5 watt head with matching cab and a us made crate 15 watts practice discontinued combo amp....and i can say "oh boy.."... so i will keep saying oh boy... thank for the advices guys!!!!!!
  12. thanks for the help !!!!!!...my jagmaster is "crafted in china" in 06 i think on june is the 3 burst color one....the vistas are very hard to me to get...and again thanks for the advices!!!
  13. hi i'm new here ...so Hi everybody!!

  14. hi ... i'new here so i wonder if anyone can help with this problem, i want to change the bridge pickup and one of my friends give me a Dimarzio tone zone...i know that this one come with high output, so, i want to know if the jag pickup come with high output ??? i mean because I m interested in keeping the volume of the pup's... thanks and sorry for my english im from Chile in south america..
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