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  1. I honestly don't care about the whole nitro vs. poly thing. The reason why I asked was I want to get this strap, which is made of vinyl, and I know vinyl will eat thru a nitro finish.
  2. I've got one already, so that certainly didn't put me off. I was just curious as the finish feels thinner than my Gretsch, which is poly.
  3. Didn't see this one in the FAQ so I was wondering... are Jag-Stangs finished in poly or nitro?
  4. Not really. Top row is on/off for each pickup. Up is on, down is off. Bottom row is phase switching, if the switches face the same way, it's in phase, otherwise it's out. Edith, but Jeff was cool too.
  5. Not splitters, phase switches. And the bottom one is a series/parallel toggle for the bridge pickup (which is actually a humbucker-sized P90).
  6. The only Tele thing about it is the body, haha.
  7. New here... here's a family portrait.
  8. Fiesta Red, V005844 As far as I know, all Jag-Stangs were made in Japan, except for the 2 prototypes Fender made for Kurt.
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