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  1. Pretty cool and pretty sexxy to see well done
  2. Your guitar is verry nice to see is kurt painted on your jagstang or is it a sticker
  3. i have the original ones in my jagstang but i want the same as kurt
  4. Thank you for the music Kurt R.I.P I will always be like you Peace Love Empathy
  5. wow nice guitars I have a red one from 1996 I think i can ask a lot of money for it butt i will never sell it
  6. Iam from Holland and play a lefthanded red fiesta 1996 JagStang
  7. Jagstang is the best combination ever made you love it or you hate it
  8. The Priest They Called Him is a great song i have it
  9. Hello there I like it to make a lot of noise with my Jagstang Check out the movie and tell me what you think about it
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