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  1. Pretty cool and pretty sexxy to see well done
  2. Your guitar is verry nice to see is kurt painted on your jagstang or is it a sticker
  3. i have the original ones in my jagstang but i want the same as kurt
  4. Thank you for the music Kurt R.I.P I will always be like you Peace Love Empathy
  5. wow nice guitars I have a red one from 1996 I think i can ask a lot of money for it butt i will never sell it
  6. Iam from Holland and play a lefthanded red fiesta 1996 JagStang
  7. Jagstang is the best combination ever made you love it or you hate it
  8. The Priest They Called Him is a great song i have it
  9. Hello there I like it to make a lot of noise with my Jagstang Check out the movie and tell me what you think about it
  10. take a look at this I think kurt uses a red jagstang here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=988Cst8qXGo&feature=related
  11. For Come as you are hold it on the whole song when i play Drain you i have it only on in the breakin of the song
  12. Sound pretty cool you can take a look at my started Nirvana Guitar and Amp Settings topic These setting works verry well when i play live covers Greetings Nirvana1979
  13. RADIO FRIENDLY UNIT SHIFTER SETTINGS For the intro youl need an electro harmonix poly chorus A Boss DS2 or similar distortion pedal, An amp with an overdrive function And wat you do is Turn Overdrive up to 9 oclock Turn DS2 distortion full Level all the way Tone half way For the polly chorus Turn Width 10 oclock Rate 10 - 11 oclock Tune/Delay anywhere between 9 oclock and 12 oclock Feedback 3 oclock Switch the sweep filter OFF You should keep Poly Chorus on Chorus setting USES AND SETTINGS: BOSS-DS2 DISTORTION PEDAL: (secondary) * { I've just recently switched to u
  14. I come from Holland and i think that iam the only one here who have a lefty Jagstang here I will never sell it because it is my favorite guitar to play I like the sound and when you have the same effects as kurt use than you have the right sound of NIRVANA Maybe is it a great idea to start a topic for setting for your amp and guitar effects to get the nirvana sound Please let me know Greetings
  15. i never know that left handed are extremely rare and not produced in the 2nd run.Thanx for the comments
  16. Hello guys I have a Fiesta Red Jagstang LeftHanded. Serial V037590 Crafted in Japan but no 50th sticker on it Some guys say that i have a rare one but i want to know the true about it. Can someone tell me Thanx
  17. verry cool to see but where are your original Jagstang switches on the guitar body ?
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