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  1. continue with some questions how many capacitors i will need for the jag? 1 for the tone 1 for the volume 1 for the bass cut? and 1 for the lead rythm tone and volume? i decided to put 0.1 orange drops 225p but i still dont know which volt is the right for the capacitor?(the target is a warm jazzy sound) i will change the potentiometers for the volume and tone to 500k http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Electronics,_pickups/Potentiometers/Standard_Control_Pots.html this exactly i also have to change the potentiometers in the lead guitar position? i will use this product http://www.stewma
  2. Once again hello. Finally the blonde jaguar is in my hands.(thanks mr.bernd for this And after a week of playing i have some thoughts that i wanted to share with you. 1.The buzz is here... options: 1.Mustang Bridge+Buzz stop is that stuff enough to reduce it? and which is the right height of sadles on setup? option n2. http://www.fenderjaguar.net/setup.htm works really all this tips? 2.Mute i also want to install the mute on jaguar... what parts i will need? 2 screws+ MUTE ASSEMBLY+Mute Plunger+Foam Mute Strip is that all the parts? 3.The guitar has a hot rail pick up on
  3. the hot rails in bridge position for me doesnt sound as i wanted,this is a personal sense its dry and the treble is high,i prefer the sound more warm.not so flat. i will rec a sample to upload.
  4. Here we are gentlemen....i just bought this guitar.... i love her colour and as i read produced 330 pieces of this hot lady.... crafted in japan in 1993 and i bought it from germany (i live in greece) for 667 euros...is a fair price?(930 dollars) http://imageshack.us ImageShack.us
  5. they made it with matching headstock in fiesta red http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Fender-American-Vintage-62-Jaguar-Thin-Skin-Fiesta-Red-/270621603945?pt=UK_Musical_Instruments_Guitars_CV&hash=item3f024df869#ht_17138wt_1139
  6. hello guys i am looking for a jaguar in fiesta red,as far now i found only the reisue called ''thin skin'' for 1.500 us dollars and one in england for 1.500 euros. is this prices over priced? where i can find a jaguar in this color? i know for some years crafted in japan models has a pristina red colour similar to fiesta red...is that true? its hard to find this colour in jaguar with matching headstock if someone knows about prices or places i can found a jaguar in this colour i would pleased to hear... thank you for your time
  7. hello guys i am searching about a month on internet to buy a fender mustang reissue in blue(with matching head stock)competition and i cant find anywhere.... is so hard to find this color on this guitar? any ideas? or online shops... ebay doesnt help so much..... i starting to disapointed.... please help me if you can
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