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  1. That guy's store is full of really cool guitars, expensive but cool. I bought 4 guitars through him and he worked with me on the price+shipping+mods i wanted. check out the other thread on comp stang re-issue, i explained it all there
  2. Jo's Music Shop. Google it. He has an ebay store as well, but the actual store is a little cheaper (minus the ebay fees of course)
  3. I just purchased this model and the kurt cobain specific model mustang from this guy's online store. He is out of Japan, yet speaks English very fluently. He was a most admirable business man, and worked with me on the price. He did this because I also purchased the kurt jag and the kurt vandalism strat. Anyway, I have played fender guitars for about 15 years now, and with this comp re-issue I could not be happier. I prefer it to my American LE Strat I've had since I was 15 yrs old. This comp stang re-issue guitar has now taken the rank of my favorite guitar EVER owned! (Go figure!) Th
  4. does anybody know how to make a mustang into a hard tail

    1. Stian


      Remove the two springs under the tailpiece, and add a nut http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nut_(hardware) to each of the two posts that the springs where attachedd to. But put the nuts between on top of the plate.

    2. Stian


      And, its pretty easy to do, but if you get it wrong, there is no problem undoing the process. I was nervous before I did a few years ago, but its really easy...

    3. feedbackismyfriend


      I posted some pics of the process in this thread

  5. This guitar is an atrocity that was probably made by a Fender employee. If you read the history of the swinger, it says that some Fender employees used to experiment with various guitar bodies, this is most likely one of those experiments...
  6. Yes, I know... It was as early as last June though. If he is telling the truth his story lines up with the available facts, I just figured it was worth following up on. If it is in fact that kid, then he'll be back. He won't be able to resist defending his 'good honor' by replying to a long over dead thread. Plus I get a strange satisfaction over resurrecting old arguments... Who knows, maybe it really is that kid, in any event if it is- I really would like to know what was written that would have Courtny respond as she did, don't you? So I emailed him through this forum too. We shall
  7. i believe you... so what did you actually write that touched courtney so much that she gave you sky stang 3?
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