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  1. I tried one a couple of weeks ago, a red one. Tried it on a few amp heads, a Komet, 65 Amps Soho and a couple of Bruno tweed combos. The guitar sounds okay, but i did not like the neck at all, way to thin for me. I have a `94 MIJ Mustang and the neck on mine works much better for me. Another thing, the Pawn Shop Mustang didnt seem to have much sustain, even with the Wide Range humbuckers, but there is alot of useful pickup combinations that i found useful. With the toggle you can switch between the pickups: bridge/both/neck, annde the sliders choose wich coils to use in the humbuckers: one coil/both/the other coil. With this I could have a full humbucker sound in the bridge and a single coil in the neck, an just use the toggle switch to choose wich one to use. I could also get a Telecaster-ish sound when using both pickups in single coil mode. The price is also too high in my opinion, I would rather just get a used "regular" mustang and throw a humbucker in the bridge position, it looks alot cooler to, with single coil sized pickups. Hope this helps!
  2. Does anyone have any pictures of a Mustang with a reverse headstock? Or can someone maybe make on in Photoshop or something like that? Im thinking of buying a new Warmoth neck for my MIJ `65 RI Mustang, and wanted to know how it would look with a reverse headstock.
  3. Sounds like bad grounding if it stops when you touch the strings/bridge etc. The distortion pedal just makes it more obvious, because it distorts everything that comes in to it. The noise is probably there whithout the pedal on, just alot quieter. Try using a different guitar to see if thats the problem. Do you have grounded wall sockets? If thats whats its called(im Norwegian). Does the amp have a grounded power cable?
  4. Its a lake placid blue Warmoth Jazzmaster with P-90s, and a Fender Stratocaster neck.
  5. We expect pictures and a review when it arrives
  6. There is a differnce between maple and rosewood fretboard, but i dont think a maple fretboard would stop you from getting a good metal sound. Listen to Eric Johnsons lead tone, fat and juicy, and he mostly plays Strats with maple fretboard. Not metal, but you get the picture Of course, even with single coil pickups(like any other pickup), you can do alot with a good amp and different pedals to get the sound you are after. And the Kyuss/Fu Manchu sound is definatly within reach! Hopes this helps, Stian
  7. If you play metal, the most important thing is a high gain amp. Of course maple vs. rosewood fretboard makes a difference. But I wouldnt consider a Jazzmaster with single coils a metal guitar in the first place...
  8. Thanks for finding out! And you have alot of cool gear on your wall!
  9. I see. But if a normal Strat neck fits, it would be a modification thats easy reversible, and it wouldnt leave any "scars" for later. I have no doubt that the Super Sonic already have a good neck, but i usually prefer full scale necks.
  10. They are not full scale, I know that much
  11. Anyone know if the Super Sonics have a 24 inch conversion neck like some of the Jagmasters have. My question is: Can i put a regular Strat neck on it without any modifications?
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