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  1. Hi Fender Weirdoes! I've had serious problems with my '93 MIJ Jaguar since I bought it a year ago. I did get lots of help from you all but it's still never been quite right. I gave up on it. I got it back from a guitar-tech today and I've got a few concerns... The intonation has always been completely ####ed. It's miles better now, until I play any open chords. I put a Nashville Wide TOM on it. I know Jags are rarely perfect players, I just wonder how bad (if at all) a good one sounds. I think Earth said that it's just something Jag players have to live with. Also there's a lot of noise coming from it - sounds very static, and only when I fret the guitar. Is there an easy remedy for this? I really hope I can get it sorted, and I haven't been sold a lemon! It's been breaking my heart for a year...
  2. Like your pants Earth... I've seen a picture of a Jaguar in a Strat case! It was a big box one like that and it had to be in there at an angle. Don't know who made it, where it is or nuffink. I've got a bass case in the attic, might try that one out. I've got a Jag In A Bag, doesn't do it any justice...
  3. Never done it myself, but there shouldn't be any problems with a straight swap. From what I've dredged from all these sites is that there's no difference except for the saddles...
  4. Also, at the bottom of the page it says 'Yahoo' is reading this, even though they're not regitered, a guest, or anon... What's that all about? Creepy!
  5. I say it's yer intonation, mainly. Had a huge problem with it myself... If you're not comfortable doing it yourself you should take it to a decent shop and have them set it up for you. As soon as I got mine I took it to a ####ty shop and they didn't seem to know what to do with it. So I asked about it on here and got tons of help. Jaguars are fiddly and apparently never perfect. But they sound like no other... I put a Gotoh Nashville Tune O Matic bridge on mine and adjusted the neck and it's as good as gold now. It's all quite simple to do, I guess. Just make sure you've got the patience to keep taking the neck off. I tried to adjust the truss rod with the neck still attached and it just cracked the lacquer under the scratchplate. Invisible but foolish, like. There are loads of little tips on this site and many others on what you can do to make your Jag easier to use, it's worth looking around. The difference between MIJ and CIJ is, allegedly, nothing but age. MIJs are older. Hence cooler! And I doubt changing the strings will do anything. Think I got the bridge for about £20. Welcome to hell
  6. I recently bought a daisy chain lead for my effects and it's not working! It's meant to power six different pedals but it powers nothing. I'm using a 9v transformer, could that be the problem? Do I need to use a higher voltage, friends? I'd like to list my pedals, but they're mostly ####e, except for the original 1970s EH Small Stone oh yeah! Thanks again, noble Fender weirdoes
  7. I'd say I'm fond of Shellac. They're definitely better live than recorded. I really want to go, I know it's going to be special but I just don't think it's going to happen. I'm sorry.
  8. I've got a Fender Custom Shop, send all Fenders to me! I'll turn your Jag banana yellow or pure gold or I could re-cut it into a Parker Fly. Man that'd be BOSS... There was a seafoam green jag on eBay UK this week, went for about £450. There'll be another in 2 years... Oh there was a metallic blue one on there as well, might still be... yes there is Hey! Sonic Youth are playing london on new year's eve! With Shellac! Want to babysit? Who are the Pop Group?
  9. Haha, they sound pretty good. I'm well aware of who they are, silly. I guess they're why I bought a Jaguar, for all the strange things you can do. Funnily enough, that's the same reason I chose my girlfriend...
  10. Sonic Youth. What's that? Well, just to let everyone know I've put the TOM on the Jag and it's pretty much fine! Sounds just out-of-tune enough to make me sound cool! I haven't wrapped the posts yet as I've been having too much fun to take the strings off again. Thanks everyone, for all your crazy ideas and to Earth for typing in the infernal method, woah Now I'm going to wash some brains with me old ghost notes oh yeah!
  11. Hey, thanks Earth. That's the TOM I was gonna go for, after seeing that it's nice and wide. I'll be ordering tomorrow, hopefully that'll sort it out and get me out of this bloody nightmare. Imagine getting your first Jaguar and not being able to play it for weeks! Well, without wincing when you hit more than two strings... The one I got's Candy Apple, after taking the scratchplate off I thought it'd be so cool to have one with all the routing beneath the pickups, just the sparkly red body and all that chrome... Who's Thurston Moore? har har
  12. The strings are 10s and they're pretty buzzy, another kettle of pish entirely... The intonation problem is mainly just on the A, G and B strings, thankyou. Regarding the TOM bridge (I found one on a scuzzy old SG copy!), I can't get the Jag bridge posts out, and I don't think I want to! They look so snug... I can't have a hardtail, tremolos are so much fun... I wonder if I could use the Jag posts and put a threaded screw thing in there and have that TOM rockin. Has anyone tried this? Dare me to try? The advantage of going for it would be that you can get a Gotoh wide TOM to give more scope on the intonation. Just seems that if the bridge were a bit further towards the tail there'd be no problem at all.
  13. With a tune o matic, would the tremolo cease to be? Good god...
  14. So I guess a tune o matic would just slot straight in? There are some on ebay, dirt cheap. Is it worth being a cheapskate at this point or is it time to change my ways? I'm part Scotsman you know... I may well snap the guitar in half and put the splinters in somebody's bed.
  15. Ah the nut, maybe! You're right, the 12th fret is too sharp with the saddles away from the neck. The nut was replaced at the shop as the last one was broke! The saddles look like they've been cut into, to make the strings behave. Please please please, what can I do to make it right? It's breaking my heart!
  16. Ah, sorry. I meant that I was moving the saddle backwards and forwards, or higher and lower in pitch. And aye, it's too sharp at the twelfth fret! Thanks buddies!
  17. Hello everyone This is my first post! I recently bought a '93 Jap Jag and it's beautiful. It hadn't been played for a few years so I took it to my localest guitar shop and had them set it up for me, lovely. The intonation is WAY out. I've tried to do it myself because I just assumed they didn't stretch the strings enough... At the twelfth fret it's always a little too high. I've adjusted the saddle to it's lowest point, even with the bridge rocked over towards the F plate and it's still too high! I've tried different tuners, and I'm completely stuck. Could it be the neck? It's strung with 10s, do I need a higher gauge? Or do I need to start cutting bits of the saddles off and messing about with an assay whatever that is? Please help, I REALLY want to play this guitar without it sounding like a joke. Thanks!
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