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  1. I didnot think i wouldwrite today... i am struck that at 6:15 a.m. on theninth this morning the united parcel screen selected popped out for d e l i v e r y concerning my new guitar...as timewould have it i am also have to think will this winter hollidaybring me to order another synthesizr or the bolt on neck lamb of god's mark morton / mmd2 jackson...shaped much like a trans black topped jag or mustang or other somewhat doublecut-fender when i go and it would make me wonder if it will be that thing i am doing new years eve following it... trek as i have lastnight if it is synthesizer or mmd2 jackson imay funny nas it seem, not know.. until i hear me say tothey at sweetwater then...i must shower eat a meal and goto the cold and see if my girl doesnewark backwards so i am not outseide an extra hour or twowaiting...in this cold that could be the differenc a long day a longer night the thing of the delivery was great turn-around-time.... wasit coming in two or so weeks ...not at all in two or three days? when it began to move on monday and was ...like on the screen. there it was in harrisburg .THAT ALONE HAD ME THINKING NOT THEN BUT NOW OF AN X50 or some novation ultranova next to my silvertone fb-1 perhaps some blue and blue detail rather than ahand shake and a trail of tears.....one -hundred and eleven bucks later!ifeelthe next would cost you one hundred and seventy five. a one man jam session-the pretty's scope meout while i wait. a s i f some un -likely prey animal for a finer hunter.. tonight...... we sing!!! the ninth day of november ....from robinhood
  2. i bou ght the blue quilt maple top silvertone fb 1 today. and it is being prepared for shipment. i am lookin' forward to it....on to jackson! november the first week mmx
  3. i got an sx 62 or something an /agile ric...an sx cus from there and one of the v shaped guitars in the last year or so -cause ilove new hampshire and live in jersey and those prices are nice...you're getting a good deal if you decide to come up with the money....it goes far...more than i got..that's like always ...tho' that money for those guitars goes really far...the danelectros i had 63 reissue ...it was great... ---------------------> the rogue rocketeers play nice...if you go on to musicians' friend and look up in the area where they introduce the previous 4 rogues... a lipstic and what looks to be another couple of versions of silvertone session masters...(i think). rogue is the house brand its named for the rogue valley where they are at(it says in there) ...they farm them out..they get them made ...get runs that didn't fit and all that(on the phone) first act has these double cutaways that are super cool poly-they sell for between 120 & 180 dollars and come in red w a wh pickgaurd blue and white and black and white ....they look like they've been dripped out of the open spigget of rock and roll candy and promises ME 400 and something is the letters/two humbuckersand doublecutaway like the forks seem to be the same size but probably aren't-
  4. there is a samick/silvertone fb-1 or two on amazon.com in musical instruments ...solidbody electric guitars trans blue with a trem-bar and on cheapbandgear.com there is ..the samick site i found smc i got by looking at airline guitars/eastwood for this harmony guitar andand anyway the silvertone fb1 and greg bennet fb1 are about the same samick guitar and both are samick fb 1....there seems to be afew of them one is 110 $ delivered imightgetthat next week...its nice quilted maple trans blue top and amaple neck and fingerboard
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