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  1. Thank you for you wisdom gilmourish and masta1m
  2. Standing at a different angle has definately lowered the volume and the pitch of the screechin but its still pretty obnoxious. the screeching stops if i turn down the gain but i need it quite high. also i very much appreciate your help:D
  3. where i play guitar is pretty small, so cat really get much further away, i play in a band so i need to keep the volume and gain level i use as much as possible. U play a 100watt fender 212r amp and a vox tonelab pedal with quite high gain on the pedal but clean on the amp. possible the sd's are to powerfull for the jap tone and volume pots?
  4. hey, I bought a jap reissue jaguar, found the pickups to be nice sounding but very weak out put so i did what it appears alot of people do and put in sd's. i could get the quarter pounders cheap from the states so i got them and on the site they sounded lush. however although the volume is better(still a lil weak compared to my usa strat) when i have any form of distortion on wether stright into my amp or into my multi-effects if i take my hands of the strings i get a horrible screech lounder than the guitar being played heavily. i had to stop giggin with it eventually. i love the tone so muc
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