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  1. Fender and Vox have been eating into the amp modeling market, too, with some nice-looking offerings for about the same price as the Line 6 stuff so that might play a factor in it as well.
  2. It's used. I think I'm gonna send this little bastard back. It was listed as working with some blemishes and ended up DOA.
  3. the schematic for this thing almost made me throw up. I can put pickups in my guitar and wire a coil split but I think I'm a little out of my league here.
  4. I downloaded the manual and it makes me think that Boss thinks that their pedals never go wrong. I dimed all the dials on my OD pushing into the RV-3 with no results. I'm gonna try that out backwards and see what's what. edit: no luck. from what I understand once you insert the plug into the input it should turn on the light, but if you hit the footswitch it should turn it off. The footswitch does nothing, however.
  5. Thanks, man. I just connected it again and with the volume way up on my amp I can tap the pedal and hear the tap with delay/reverb (the mode knob seems to work as I can change this). I've gotta head out to meet up with my girlfriend but I'll be checking the forums on my phone.
  6. I know you aren't being stupid; I did the same thing thinking maybe I was stupid. I had just bought an effects interconnect cable so I tried my guitar cable straight to the pedal and then straight to the amp with known-good cables. No sound. Pressing the footswitch does not toggle the LED or any sounds (no thunks or anything of that type). I then tried my cables again with my OD pedal and it worked just fine. Tried my cable straight to the amp and it worked just fine. edit: I didn't get any sound from either the A output (mono) or B output (stereo)
  7. I just got a Boss RV-3 and upon plugging in my guitar got the "Check" LED turning on. No guitar sound whatsoever comes out of the pedal. I swapped out for a new 9v and got the same deal. I don't have a Boss power adapter to test with. Are there any steps that I can take to see if the problem is simple to fix?
  8. Just poured a Newcastle and sat down with guitar, tuner, screwdriver, and Scotty P on the second monitor. Since I had to take apart the bridge I have to make sure the saddle lengths are correct. Until I do that I'm not going to be playing much and even then I can't play worth a lick--I've only had the guitar for two months or so.
  9. high-rezers comin up the LEAST flattering picture of a guitar in the world: The knobs are cream but they're coming out a nasty color underneath the lights in my house. The switch knob is still white--I neglected to buy one when I got the knobs. aaand camera phone: You can see the raised knob here Check out how the tremolo arm holes don't line up with the stock trem and the GFS block. I speculate that the GFS trem may solve this.
  10. I was reading shortscale and discovered (after the fact just like the switch) that GFS has import trems that look like they might fit my guitar without any filling/drilling. I'll mess with the electronics all day but I'm not a woodworker so I'm trying to avoid that as long as possible. I might jump on this to see if it fixes my tremolo arm problem as well as picking up a spare switch. I'm considering black switch and black trem. Guitar right now has covered nickel pickups and it's a sunburst with a tort guard. This was a cellphone pic of it apart Black hardware? Also considering the possibility of picking up a white guard and spraying it black. I just can't leave well-enough alone.
  11. Further investigation with the aid of a few hours of sleep led me to discover the cable wasn't plugged in all the way Jagmaster is rocking out. GFS pickups are noticeably quieter than the stock Duncans and hit about the same level of hiss when I split the coils. I'll need some time later on to work out the saddles but so far everything seems OK. Off to work.
  12. I think I'm a bit of a crap guitar tech... nothing was pretty but I figured I'd better finish it now because as the holiday's approach there would be no money at all to buy anything I needed if I broke something. So I got it all wired up and had a few faux pas on putting the pick guard back on because the wires from the pickups were in the way blah blah. My selector switch ended up slight crooked because of lack of foresight on my part--always make sure your wires are long enough for the components when they are in the proper position. Reattached the guard made sure to connect the ground to the claw in the back. Still don't have a back plate on it... I don't think I'm going to cut the block any as there's no easy way for me to do it. I also had some false starts restringing it as I haven't put strings on a guitar in something like 4 years but that was nothing that Youtube couldn't fix. With one string on the guitar I went and plugged it in and got... nothing. But that was premature because it's a tube amp, remember? After that I got sound. From both pickups. And when I hit the coil split I got hum and slightly different sound. So I'm happy about this now. Gonna hit it up with the tuner to see what the open strings will sound like and then tomorrow I'll worry about resetting the saddle heights and get some pics. edit spoke too soon. looks like I may have developed a short moving the guitar around... or a bad solder joint. ffffffffffffff I don't think I could get away with taking the guard off without ditching the strings, either.
  13. Wiring this push/pull is a huge PITA. I don't want to go to sleep until this thing has strings on it but I don't think that'll go too well for me at work tomorrow so I think I'll solder up this last lead and be done with it for the night.
  14. I'm in the process of making a complete hash of my pickguard. What they say is true; don't buy covered pickups if you don't want to enlarge the holes (mostly square off the corners) for them and all you really need is a (metal) file but that doesn't mean it will be easy to keep it from looking like crap. If you have some measure of patience and finesse I'm sure it can come out just fine. Getting the mounting screws with the springs on, however, is an art that is escaping me.
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