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  1. So I'm attempting to build a Jazzmaster just like this one: http://www.roselanemusic.co.uk/PreEditPics/Alex Turner Steve Met Jazzmaster.jpg http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2577/4116407454_1cea45f349.jpg I've asked multiple places now (Warmoth, USA Custom Guitars, AllParts, and more) to make this body with a humbucker slot in the neck, a Burns Trisonic slot in the bridge (this is the tricky part, the actual pickup dimensions are a little bigger than a conventional Strat pickup), and lastly, with a vintage stratocaster trem. I'm having trouble with getting the body off the ground. None of these sites will do a custom rout for pickups, so I don't really know how to proceed from there. I also don't know who does custom pickguards to fit this odd pickup configuration so any help on either of these things would be greatly appreciated. Lastly, any advice on what type of wood to get for a pickup configuration like this? I feel like alder would fit it the best, being as ash would have a much lighter tone, while I'm looking for a somewhat warmer and hearty tone. I'm also having some trouble with the paint situation. I'm a complete novice at building guitars from scratch, so I know virtually nothing about painting. I've gotten quotes from multiple places about painting the guitar a solid color and they're giving me estimates of roughly $300 and that seems a little steep. Can anyone identify the type of lacquer on it? I'm thinking of having a friend of mine do the paint-job and I'm hoping it will turn out just like the guitar in the picture.
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